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  1. We have to work with the data we have, but if we had data back through 1250 and it still showed a warming trend, you’d ask “bUt WhAt AbOuT bEfOrE 1250?????”
  2. Currently the 17th warmest May on record with a very warm stretch coming up the next 3 days. Could reach top 10 by the end of the month (3rd or 4th at PIT) the way it’s looking now. It’s starting to feel like this stretch of obscene warmth that’s been pretty much continuous since winter 2022-23 with a small break last May/June is never going to end.
  3. The word “relatively” is doing some heavy lifting there.
  4. That’s cool and all, but you see, Chesco has spliced his 20 years of records in with 110 years of already existing NWS data, so it basically is NWS data.
  5. I’m sure @TheClimateChanger will have more, but the first 13 days of May were the 24th warmest in the period of record and 8th warmest at KPIT (since 1952). This has been driven by warm lows (7th warmest average low at KPIT for the first 13 days of May, and 18th for the entire period of record).
  6. Wait, it went from 6-1 to 6-6 without the ball ever leaving the infield? The Pirates always find ways to do things I’ve never seen before, all of them bad.
  7. Interesting to see 1942 in the dry 2nd halves of April. It just popped up on a list I ran for number of 80 degree days through May 3rd. If we get to 80 today, tomorrow and Friday, we’ll be at 9 days. The only year with more through 5/3 was 1942, with 11. Eight of those days occurred during the aforementioned dry 2nd half of April. Interestingly, the first half of April 1942 was the last time before the two days this year that we had 1.6” or more of precip on any April day.
  8. Line of showers is dying. We’re not going to have our wettest April on record. Not complaining, that’s for sure. Just surprised.
  9. 6th warmest April on record with an outside shot at moving up to 5th if temps continue to go up like a rocket before the rain arrives. 2nd to only 2017 at PIT.
  10. Can’t even do heat right. NWS was bullish on challenging today’s record of 88, PIT might end up with a high of 83.
  11. The Buffalo and Erie data might lend a little support to the idea that it was hot that day. (The 2nd anyway).
  12. Another one I want your opinion on: are the record highs of 95 on May 2 and 3, 1887 even possibly legitimate? It looks like it was cool at the coast, and we were 10+ degrees warmer than both Baltimore/DC and Columbus/Cincinnati on those dates. These can’t possibly be real.
  13. PIT has done the improbable and scored an 80 today, with probably 2 more to come. This is now the 4th straight April with 4+ 80 degree days, which had never happened in four consecutive years before.
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