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  1. Yup it’s just like the 18 Covids
  2. I’m surprised they are running back Goni. It should have been retired last cycle because that storm was a banger. Anyways, this one looks good too. It’s nice to see red meat in the WPAC
  3. You would’ve been a hoot an hour or two after Katrina blew through
  4. Best storm of the season. This one is a ripper.
  5. An actual wx station reading 94 sustained is pretty impressive for a cat 2. In fact that’s the best evidence we have for a cat 3 designation, IMO.
  6. Damn these are nice waves. Making the coastal waters of the GOM look like the North Atlantic or Bering sea
  7. I’m not signing up for the mark of the beast just to hear about a decaying cat 2
  8. I suggest you file a public complaint and let us know what they have to say about the rules of math.
  9. I saw that earlier. Anyone an expert on near shore wave heights? I saw the associated graph and it looks so extreme that I wonder whether it is an instrument error.
  10. Few, if any, care about your personal batshit preferences as to whether this is 5kt stronger than the NHC says it is.
  11. Let’s just call it an Australian cat 4 because that way nobody is wrong.