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  1. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Is this good or bad for pollen season...
  2. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    You might be right. Do lower millibar members make more of a difference in the mean location?
  3. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    That one member east really skewed it.
  4. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Depends how well the models agree. If I’ve learned anything from being a weather enthusiast nothing is certain until it’s actually happening.
  5. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Because it’s still early. There are no specifics. They aren’t downplaying. There’s no certainty.
  6. March 12th - 13th Scraper

  7. 4:00 pm yesterday in Rutherford.
  8. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    The meltdowns are too much. Gonna dip out until after the storm passes. Learn some humility and don’t take this so seriously.
  9. Very light snow. In some subsidence. More to come.
  10. 2 inches since noon.
  11. Coming down hard. Huge snow flakes. Wind blows every so often. This is going to pile up fast.
  12. Any sort of worry of mixing in NYC is pretty much gone now.
  13. Moderate snow. Starting to stick to warmer surfaces.