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  1. Ah yes, had the winter things that had happened last winter, not happened, then it would have been a terrible winter.
  2. Prognosticators Debate winters future wrath Yearly weenie strife
  3. I love it because I can be a spooky b*tch and have it not be weird like the other months.
  4. Damn dude, did ya murder the guy?
  5. Nothing makes my blood boil more than when my dumb ass suffers consequences for speaking freely.
  6. Bo Burnham is a genius.
  7. I had high hopes that this summer would lift me out of the spiral of existential dread but all that’s happened is a steepening of the slope.
  8. https://instagram.com/stories/alex.huang_/2653558487509877928?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link not sure if this link works. Food stands being blown away at the US Open.
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