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  1. Some impressive radar returns showing up over Westchester and SW CT.
  2. First time it's been postponed in 258 years.
  3. My cat passed in November. He was my best friend. Slept next to me every night. It's been tough. Sorry for your loss. Pets are family.
  4. Was bit by one here in Astoria back in late February.
  5. My family has a house in Chautauqua near Jamestown. The average yearly snowfall is 120 inches. Most of that usually comes from lake effect.
  6. I don't disagree but I will say there are buds on the trees outside my job in Manhattan from that 65 degree day back in January.
  7. I didn’t realize winter doesn’t count if it doesn’t snow.
  8. Based around the melodrama on here from the past couple of weeks I'd say the consensus would be that winter never existed in the first place. Maybe the real treasure of winter was the friends we made along the way.
  9. I will forever remember this storm because my Uber driver taking me to a wedding cut off a salt spreader whose driver, rightfully, honked and flipped us off.
  10. Made it to our country’s newest National Park today. White Sands National Park is the closest you can get to snow without being in snow. People sled down the dunes. Truly a treasure. Recommend it if you ever find yourself in that area of the country.