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  1. Nibor

    March, 2019

    We've been due.
  2. Nibor

    March, 2019

    Had pea size hail in Ridgewood.
  3. Nibor

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    https://i.imgur.com/JPepATb.gifv Hiked up Slide Mountain in the Catskills today. If you're still jonesin' for a little bit of winter hike this mountain before the end of March. Drifts at the top are still around 3 feet deep. Awesome hike.
  4. Nibor

    March, 2019

    1/4 inch size hail, severe lightning and wind.
  5. Nibor

    March, 2019

    Hail in Ridgewood NJ
  6. Nibor

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Perhaps I don’t remember it correctly because it’s been nearly 20 years but I remember the expected totals forecasted being lowered in increments as the storm got close over a few days. The Jan 15 bust was the day the Euro was no longer infallible. They had 24-36 inches for me at the onset of the storm. I ended with 5 lol. Both were terrible. Perhaps 2015 is just a fresher wound.
  7. Nibor

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    I think there’s another that happened 4 years ago that I’ve been actively trying to forget.
  8. It’s gorgeous out here this morning.
  9. Coming down the hardest of the storm here. Tree limbs are weighing heavy from this pasty snow.
  10. 3 inches here. Thinking I’ll get to 6 at the least.
  11. I think someone with elevation will get to 10.
  12. Nibor

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    With unfavorable measurers.
  13. A little over an inch in Ridgewood. Pavement covered. Flakes are getting big.
  14. Fair enough. I just remember when NYC schools were notorious for never closing for snow.
  15. One November Snowstorm and politicians get shell shock lol