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  1. Photo from above 3500' on Hunter Mountain. Not my photo, didn't make it to the Catskills like I had mentioned in the banter thread.
  2. MSR Evos. Most winter hiking I've done I've been able to get away with spikes. I've been itching to do a multi day backpacking trip in deep snow which is why I picked them up. Hiking gear in general has been hard to come by during the Pandemic... now that hiking is everyone's "personality" on social media.
  3. Ooookaaay. Classic Lower Hudson Valley folk trying to keep city folk away to gatekeep the Catskills.
  4. I bought snowshoes on sale 2 weeks ago with the intent of using them next winter. Might get a chance to use them this weekend in the Catskills.
  5. Wind keeps waking me up. Rattling my windows.
  6. Winds are absolutely ferocious right now.
  7. How I imagine things for him mid February
  8. There’s really no reason to sweat the details here.
  9. All surfaces now accumulating. Wasn’t expecting this.
  10. Starting to accumulate along the edges of the roads now.