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  1. Nibor

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Thunder has been loud as hell.
  2. Sometimes when I hear someone bashing meteorologists for whatever indiscriminate reason for inaccuracies of weather predictions I’ll respond, “oh yeah, I forgot how easy it is to predict the future.”
  3. Nibor

    Hurricane Florence Catch all Thread

    Absolutely, I’m just thinking hypothetically.
  4. Nibor

    Hurricane Florence Catch all Thread

    I’m most worried about rainfall, whether or not the metro takes direct landfall.
  5. Nibor

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    If hurricane Florence could go ahead and stay the hell out to sea...
  6. Not much lightning or thunder here. Wind is impressive though.
  7. Areas just to my west are getting one hell of show. Lightning is going off ever 15-30 seconds.
  8. Decent lightning strikes here. Winding down now.
  9. Nibor

    summer banter thread

    Planning to hike Mount Washington this weekend. Last time I hiked it was 2 years ago in June. It managed to sleet on me, it was awesome.
  10. Unimpressive here. Intensity fell apart as it came through.
  11. Line is about to come through here. Wind has been impressive.
  12. There was about 4-6 inches of snow pack. Overlook is just over 3000’. If I had to guess everything in the valley below is under 500’. This summer I’m planning to hike as many of the 3500 footer high peaks in the Catskills as I can.
  13. Hiked up Overlook Mountain yesterday.
  14. There is more to be fascinated by and appreciate than just snow.
  15. Nibor

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Finished with slightly over 7 inches here. The great late winter of 2018 continues.