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  1. Winds are absolutely ferocious right now.
  2. How I imagine things for him mid February
  3. There’s really no reason to sweat the details here.
  4. All surfaces now accumulating. Wasn’t expecting this.
  5. Starting to accumulate along the edges of the roads now.
  6. If you're using one of those interactive radars they're not always particularly accurate in regards to rain/snow.
  7. Slushy dusting on car tops. That'll probably be the best for accumulations here.
  9. Going back and forth between snow and rain here.
  10. Flurries in Astoria. Edit: Nevermind, switched over to rain.
  11. It's fun and interesting to me that this style and era of television has had a really unique effect on music this past decade. One of my favorite experimental artists Oneohtrix Point Never released an album last year that had a song cleverly titled "The Whether Channel". The sounds and textures in the song really evoke the time period.