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  1. 1" by me. I can confirm 1" in Stockholm because I am here at the deli. It has changed to rain here. Highways are fine. Canistear rd slushy and slippery.
  2. 26.8 here with clear skies and very deep snow cover. Should really drop as sun has gone down.
  3. I'll take 2-4". Only need about 3/4" to reach 60" for the season.
  4. Snow has picked up in last 15 minutes. 4.5" total so far. 24.6°
  5. Winter storm Warning canceled here. Just an advisory now for an additional 1-3". Lol!
  6. It's been snowing here for 3 hours. Just measured 2.5" with steady light to moderate snow. 19.8°
  7. Snow started here in northeast Sussex county NJ. 2hrs. ago. Just measured 1.6" with steady light snow. 19.8°
  8. Probably coming down at about 2" an hour at the moment.