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  1. Light snow falling. Sticking to all surfaces except road. 29°
  2. Pickud up 3 inches today. Plus a 1/4 inch last nite. But I won't count that. Puts season total at 12.5" so far.
  3. Heavy snow falling. Quarter to half dollar size. Most likely not a good sign. But it's accumulating on all surfaces. Including the street. 32°
  4. Changed to all snow here. 32°
  5. All sleet, starting to mix more with big fat wet flakes when it comes down harder.
  6. 99.5% sleet falling, with a couple wet flakes mixed in when it comes down harder. 33°
  7. Exactly. Posts like this make me laugh! From mid November till TODAY, we've had 9.5" of snow. Believe it or not. There are still small piles of snow from shoveling and the plows. 9.5" inches in basically just December, is not a bad start.
  8. We will have a white Christmas here. Currently 1.0° with light snow falling.
  9. Steady snow falling. Coating driveway and cars. Street is even getting white in spots. 33
  10. Not home yet but, the wife says the rain has changed back to snow.
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