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  1. Cool and humid is gross.
  2. Americans misappropriating a word from another language, go figure.
  3. Ah yes the traditionally coat-less months of October and November will be a nice hurrah.
  4. While on a hike today it started snowing. Harriman State Park.
  5. My family has a house up state along the path of totality. Shit's gonna be lit.
  6. I'm dreaming of a white 420.
  7. Technically it made it before the white out began.
  8. Some dedicated weenie got NOAA onto r/place
  9. That’s not an allergy... and you’re gonna need penicillin to cure that one.
  10. The Poconos are actually more geologically similar to the Catskills than Harriman State Park.
  11. Both saw 12+ in NYC, are arguably the greatest east coast snowstorms of all time and happened in March.
  12. The greatest KU in history happened in March.
  13. Flipped to mostly freezing rain. Some accretion happening. It's a nasty slushy mess out there.
  14. Sleet has accumulated quite a bit here. Roads are actually slushy.
  15. There are certain points every winter where the constant weird negativity given off by certain posters just gets too much and I check out. Like it seems so minor and dumb seeing weenie reacts, dumb discourse and shit alike but eventually that drags and I don’t wanna be around it. It’s kinda just the way the internet can be but honestly I think discussion suffers and unconsciously a lot of people turn away from it. I know I do.
  16. The wind is impressive with this snow squall.
  17. Just got rocked by the wind here. Came in like a train.
  18. This is my biggest complaint. A private corporation taking it upon themselves to name storms in the guise of public good just screams greedy corporate marketing. When someone googles the name of a winter storm where do they end up going to get their information? The weather channel. Not the NWS.
  19. It’s the lack of sun in the winter that’s the hardest thing for me. Cold doesn’t bother me.
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