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  1. For posterity because the ERC was such a huge component to the strength of this storm.
  2. On and off light to moderate rain here.
  3. Sack up and get your butt in that water boy.
  4. Oof I’ve got Yankees tickets for tomorrow…
  5. "I would have evacuated but they gave it a 15% chance of being a category 1" "I would have evacuated but they were listing off all the possible locations and I didn't have time for that." The only thing that'll improve forecasts is to better fund the National Weather Service and all other public weather agencies like the NHC. They are so severely under funded it's ridiculous.
  6. I'm a master of my own debating domain.
  7. A man who weenies too much shows his own long floppy pink character. A true man knows when and when not to weenie.
  8. Pretty neat seeing the echoes perfectly conform to the shoreline.
  9. I think it looks kinda like a mini hurricane lol
  10. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?parms=MLB-N0B-1-24-100-usa-rad
  11. Yo, check out that baby swirl at the low center. Just to bottom right of the stream of red echoes.
  12. Semantics nerds are the worst kinds of people when it comes to weather forecasting.
  13. Ian still looks impressive on IR. That western eye wall still producing colder cloud tops.
  14. Eye looks clear. Cold cloud tops popping up in the SE quadrant.
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