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  1. Surprise snowstorm hits SE MI, N OH, ON

    Yeah, the snow was definitely about the heaviest ive ever seen. Visibility was near 0 and very well formed dendrites. I estimate it was snowing about 4 i/h at times, which is extreme.
  2. Surprise snowstorm hits SE MI, N OH, ON

    This was the most amazing thing ever! I Live in Haslett and saw a heavy band just south of here. I decided to go drive and drove around the Okemos area all night. I have never seen snow vary so much, by 330am there was 8 inches of snow right at Haslett and VanAtta Roads, but just a mile at my friends house there was 3 inches. This was the same all over, and about 2 miles south I measured 3.5 inches. I can't believe how narrow the main forcing band was. The snow varied substantially with extremely short distances. I measured 7 inches at 3am and just .25 miles away there was 4.75 inches. It was extremely bizarre. I measured just over 13 inches in that narrow band at 10am! I only managed 4.5 inches about 3 miles north of there.
  3. September 2017 Discussion

    Hmmmm I like extremes, I'd say most of this board like extremes too. Currently the hottest day of the year at my PWS. 93.6 at 140' AGL
  4. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    It's not that hot lol. My weather station is up to 91.3 and it reads low because it's 140' above the ground. Hottest day it's recorded all year.
  5. Major Hurricane Irma

    Now the pws has stopped responding, i assume it's been destroyed...
  6. Major Hurricane Irma

    this cam in st. barthelemy is insane right now. they are just getting the eye wall right now per radar. http://st-barth.com/livecam3.html been watching this pws, updates every 20 secs https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ISAINTBA2#history
  7. August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Just arrivee in Hopkinsville, Ky. Tons of people here with many more tomorrow im sure. Pretty excited for this, been planning for 3 years lol
  8. May 2017 Discussion

    Just got back from the Huron Mountains for a weekend of dirtbiking. Wow it was quite cold up there still, hardly any buds or anything. Rode up to Big Bay from Marquette, cold but very gorgeous. Weatherbo how close was I to your location? I need to make it up during the winter. Looks like phenomenal weather up there next week or so.
  9. March 10-15 Multi Wave Setup

    Well Lansing managed like an inch. Maybe. This was a joke. The flakes were so small all day, probably like 1mm diameter. Lets bring on thunderstorms now.
  10. March 2017 General Discussion

    I live in a 14 story apartment in downtown lansing. I was able to put my weather station on the roof so while it's not scientifically accurate I had a gust to 66 here and many other gusts to 58 or more. Interestingly my weather station is usually spot on with KLAN so i don't think it's too much higher than the surface.
  11. February 2017 General Discussion

    temp rising here. Got down to 48.1 and up at 51.4. Southerly winds have really picked up, I assume the warm front is north of here now. Interestingly it looks like it has stalled to my easy some over by ann arbor
  12. PWS Temp Sensor High Up

    I recently moved into an apartment in downtown lansing, mi. I had always set up my weather station to guidelines for temperature (2m height) however the property manager said I could put it oon the top of the building. My apartment building is ~160 feet tall and it's now installed up here, I was wondering how much different my readings will be this high up and if I should spend the money to get the davis anemometer separated from the ISS suite. It would also raise concerns about people messing with my station too if I went back to a 2m height. However the wind readings I get is pretty freaking awesome!!
  13. January 2017 General Discussion

    This was a sweet air mass. We had thunderstorms earlier (even dime sized hail a few miles away) with a high of 46 and now its sub freezing with mixed precip incoming. I really enjoy volatility.
  14. January 2017 General Discussion

    I hope that precip makes it to my house...We finally dropped below freezing. 30.4 and dropping.
  15. Dec. 23-24th Snow Event

    All rain here :/ we had a bit of snow for a few minutes during some impressive radar returns. Bummer. 0.11" of rain so far