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  1. Why are there no head advisories out? For GRR it use to be 3 days over 90 for a heat advisory. I'm confused.
  2. Will the saharan dust end earlier than normal this year with how wet it has been in Africa? I have been watching GOES of the eastern atlantic and some of the thunderstorm clusters are well north into the actual sarahan desert area as opposed to the sahel. I watched some cold cloud tops at around -75*C move right over the Timbuktu area...
  3. You guys are hotter up there than it is down here. Pretty wild. The average daily is still probably warmer here though.
  4. 18z still has the low pressure but it is now much weaker and fizzles out. By weaker I mean really just a strong tropical wave that may only briefly spin up, but I would bet it stays an open wave. Per this run. Still out in fantasy land.
  5. The latest 2 runs (maybe more) of the GFS shows an area of low pressure with a wave in the monsoon trough dropping down to 997mb as it moves WNW over Trinidad and just off the coast of Venezuela around 260 hours out. Does anyone have thoughts on this? It is in fantasy land but very interesting to see a low latitude spin up early in the season just like @Windspeed forecasted.
  6. Wow, you are a wealth of information! Thanks!
  7. What does that show? The azores high seems to keep anything in the MDR on a due west track until the western Caribbean. But, it is still too early for much in that region base don climatology. This would be great in Aug/Sept. Unless there is something I am missing. Such as the area of lower pressures moving west. Not sure if that is pointing out development potential.
  8. I guess I don't understand how Severe weather translates to no Cat 4's or 5's. If you have any evidence I would like to hear it, otherwise it seems unwise to say that. Also are you forgetting we have had some pretty significant events, such as the huge event in April - the 12th I believe. It doesn't seem to be a quiet year, YTD we have had 10,861 severe weather reports.
  9. Now when I look it says 89-90-89 not 90-91-90...
  10. Im still in Lansing, and my PAC has heat advisory levels. (3 days with 90+). Be interesting to see if it comes to fruition or not.
  11. why do you think the MDR will spawn a lot of low latitude TC's?
  12. Yeah tight circulation but it's failing right now to fire any convection. Will be interesting to see if convection fires tonight with the aid of nighttime.
  13. Cristobal looks like crap right now on infrared.
  14. Highly unlikely given moderate shear, time over water and really dry air on the left side. But i've been surprised before re: michael.
  15. I've been watching. I think it is likely, be interesting to see if convection keeps firing in that area.