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  1. Storm over by BC has nearly tennis ball hail. Warned my friend en route to BC right now and he is gonna stop till it passes lol. Per radarscope and VIL. Said 2.5" hail. Warned for golfball though.
  2. I just got back from intercepting it. Had a few minutes of hail up to around a quarter. But most were dime sized. The meso formed when I was there but as of when I had left there wasn't much tightening going on.
  3. I chase them in beater cars. Follow the high VIL rating. We had actually intercepted 3 storms with ~quarter sized hail. The last one we were getting hailed on when the TORWARN was issued for what would become the Dexter tornado. This was just to the NE of Jackson and south of Fowlerville. Not sure if it was in Jackson or Washtenaw county.
  4. Was that the year of the EF-3 in Dexter? My friend and I went out chasing hail cores, ended up being right at the formation of the TOR which moved over Dexter, AFAIK I am the only one who go tthe formation of that TOR on video. Was a huge highlight of my adventures.
  5. My money would be on the NAM being correct. Just based on climatology and the preceeding even which was halted by a large amount of clouds. I really can see clouds being a major problem with this set up. Hope I am wrong though, looks like (here at least) a large hail threat.
  6. Sucks for us, but its a good thing. Especially for now because literally everyone is home.
  7. I would be coming from Michigan, not sure if crossing into states is permitted or not. I guess I will need to do some reading.
  8. Is it possible to chase this with the lockdown in Illinois?
  9. It would seem my time in Puerto Rico was short. I left back for the states March 11, because I was worried about supply chain there as COVID-19 starts getting worse. And today basically the whole island is shut down. 5am-9pm you can only leave your house for "permitted activities" I.e. food, doctors, drugs. All beaches, parks, bars, restaurants, entertainment, is all shit down. Punishable by 6 months in jail and/or $5k fine. PR is not a place I want to be stuck. Crap is hitting the fan quickly. Will be highly interesting to see the coming days and weeks.... Stay safe all.
  10. Just reading through...Yeah was awesome yesterday at DTW. My plane left at 6:10pm yesterday. Was really heavy! This storm was a pleasant surprise on the way out.
  11. Pretty incredible. Snowed for so long, and all we got was ~2" lol. I mean we had constant snow for ~24hrs and that was all we managed. Pretty nuts.
  12. I recognized your name right away. Good to see you again, this handle is different from my accuweather one. Does Jdrenken (or w/e) use this forum? Havent seen him on here under that name.
  13. Uh????????????????? No? How do you even say crap like that? It was warm today but will cool off in N OH and around here, then tomorrow highs in the low 40s. The soils are going to be mid 30s, tops.