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  1. Massive wall cloud on that cell south of Tecumseh on Koco
  2. Boy looks like the Seminole storm is cycling up to drop a big one. Lots of damage in Seminole on news 9.
  3. The storm SE of OKC looks like it’s latched on to the warm front and could probably use a TW as well ETA: There it is
  4. You have to get DEEP south to get the climate you’re describing. I lived in Fayetteville, Ar for I while, would be my ideal climate. Averages 4 degrees warmer than Indy during the summer months but 10 degrees warmer during the winter, with all 4 seasons and multiple chances for snow every year.
  5. I’ll hop on the Midwest weather sucks train. This is me and the wife’s second winter/spring here coming from Oklahoma and we are on the struggle bus.
  6. Think the long tracker has another cycle in it. Still has the right look and the right environment.
  7. I am a gas trader and that’s one of the plants we manage. Insane.
  8. This storm is really only a little over an hour from impacting Louisville area.
  9. Huge debris ball again. Probably hit the hospital.
  10. Mayfield is about to get absolutely crushed. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a storm carrying so much debris through the entire structure on CC. This is going to be the worst situation we’ve seen in years destruction wise.
  11. You have an issue with him doing that but not the original post he responded to? ETA: I don't post very much because I would rather "listen more". But I have been a member of this forum for over a decade under one username or another and read basically every post on every thread for the sub forums I am interested in.
  12. Or, maybe, since you're a meteorologist, you could make the assumption that since he responded to a post about a PDS tor sounding there's probably some instability there and he just shared a map of a parameter he found to be most impressive. Posting said map isn't "shouting", its posting weather related information on a weather forum. The weather regionally is pretty boring right now and @StormfanaticInd is single handedly keeping some of these threads going, you red tags e bullying everything he posts instead of educating him and the rest of us noobs on what you disagree with doesn't make you cool, it makes you a douche bag.
  13. What's a favorable look for clippers for the Lakes versus the depiction we are talking about?
  14. Yeah that's the cool thing about the weather, nobody is. If you're going to poo poo his idea at least explain why.
  15. That’s a classic monster supercell developing in western Ok.
  16. Last few frames of visible before sunset it the eastern eye wall exploding. I think we are in for a crazy night.
  17. IR presentation is much better over the last hour or two.
  18. IDA may not have taken off yet but all the ingredients are there once it develops a core. Very impressive outflow pattern already, bath water temps, and a deep moisture feed evident coming all the way from Central America.
  19. Looks like a new round of hot towers going up both around the center and in her banding. Grace is looking primed at the moment.
  20. This looks like its going to be another Gulf landfalling storm that is strengthening as it comes it. Looking considerably more impressive on IR this morning.
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