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  1. Last few frames of visible before sunset it the eastern eye wall exploding. I think we are in for a crazy night.
  2. IR presentation is much better over the last hour or two.
  3. IDA may not have taken off yet but all the ingredients are there once it develops a core. Very impressive outflow pattern already, bath water temps, and a deep moisture feed evident coming all the way from Central America.
  4. Looks like a new round of hot towers going up both around the center and in her banding. Grace is looking primed at the moment.
  5. This looks like its going to be another Gulf landfalling storm that is strengthening as it comes it. Looking considerably more impressive on IR this morning.
  6. Feels like spring in Oklahoma out today
  7. Man, you seem like a miserable human. I feel for you. To your point though, pandemics over so I’ll go ahead and leave y’all to talk about how scary the world is and how mean people are.
  8. So you don't think your desire to continue to wear masks/continue some covid restrictions has anything to do with you have a preclusion to being anti social and the social side effects of the pandemic favor those preclusions? Its nothing more than masks prevents colds?
  9. Fair enough! Same reason a lot of people hate masks, reversed.
  10. Lol yes germs are part of life. But, I haven’t had a cold in over ten years with no masks. And I’m specifically asking about people “not wanting to see his face”.
  11. So wearing a mask has become your social security blanket?
  12. Mid 70’s with June sun angle and low humidity is pretty glorious.
  13. Watching a pretty good lightning show from the north side of Indy. Looking forward to peer humidity over the next week.
  14. Have a feeling it wont end well for the hospital, considering location.
  15. Nobody here is getting any enough to worry about that
  16. Who cares man, if you have the vaccine somebody else's ignorance literally does not matter whatsoever at this point. I don't know about you but my life is basically back to normal at this point. The percentage of us who actually care to research information is so small on either side of the political spectrum its embarrassing. Just like the numbers from a month or so ago that showed the perceived fatality rates of covid by people on the left.
  17. Probably not, but it does mean something or there wouldn't be a separate category for emergency approval vs full approval.
  18. I haven’t been on Facebook in a couple years, life’s a lot better that way. To your point though, I do personally know people on vaccine crazy train-some close family members included. Just to reemphasize- I do not agree with them and think the vaccines are great and are the reason the pandemic is ending. To my point though, most of the people I know who haven’t gotten it just don’t think they need it and would rather wait until full FDA approval.
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