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  1. Snow has ended here Temperature at 33, 1.75 inches............... more than I expected just south of Newtown, PA. Off of Route 413 near St Mary Medical Center/Core Creek Park Well, snow has recommenced at 1244
  2. 5.5 inches here, Langhorne, PA. Near St Mary Medical Center, Core Creek Park
  3. Sorry, I have little respect for her forecasting skills. Don't know why they still use Accu Weather, when they have their own mets. We all know the reason she is there, and also Brittney Shipp is the chief met at NBC10. I will take Glen, DT, and the NWS over those two any day of the week, seven days a week. For the folks that have WFMZ, Allentown, their mets are pretty good as well
  4. He would probably be better than her at predicting weather, Damn spell check
  5. Near Langhorne, Newtown border. Hasn't snowed here since 11 PM last night. Sleet at times, and now even freezing rain. Temp up to 31. Not looking good here. Bordering on a bust. About 5.5 inches here, including sleet. On a side note, folks are calling out Cecily Tyson 6ABC on twitter Her response, how about you just wait until the storms over, before telling me I am wrong. That was this morning.
  6. 3 inches final total.......Newtown/Langhorne border
  7. Agreed. Elliott should be hire to do the weekend forecasts on channel 6. Worth tuning in for.
  8. Yeah there was an Evan Myers. Possibly Joel's son. Gonna miss Elliot. He was and is a fan favorite. Congrats on your retirement Elliot! Well earned. Would be great to have Elliot do local weather on TV, but we know there is ZERO chance of that. Opps just goggled the info. Evan is Joel's brother. Also has another brother named Barry
  9. One whole inch, right on the dot. Just south of Newtown Boro, near St Mary Medical Center. Yippie.
  10. Yeah, it usually is, and you may have gotten more than I. Obviously more hilly and curvy, that down in here. Until you hit the twin bridges here Traveled that before in similar conditions, not a pleasant trip. Be safe
  11. Hey, how's it going. Rt 413 up here, is not to bad, slushy, my development hasn't been touched. Near St Mary Medical Center, so Penndot tries to keep it as clear as possible. Stay safe.
  12. 4.50 inches as of 3:50 PM up to 30 F A mix of sleet/snow, on the light side Near Langhorne/Middletown Border/RT 413
  13. Three inches, moderate snow, 29 degrees with a 10 MPH northeast wind. As of 144 PM
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