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  1. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Madison has gone to the Winter Storm Warning. Calling for 5 to 7 inches, up from 4 to 6 this AM.
  2. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Random sleet hitting my windows here in Madison now.
  3. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    About half an inch of sleet over freezing rain; snow mixing in every so often.
  4. January 14-15th Clipper System

    Snowing south of Madison. Flakes are a decent size. I think we've got an overachiever...,
  5. July 2017 Discussion

    .25 inches of rain last night here in south central Wisconsin. Feels very humid this AM so tonight's lower temps will be welcome.
  6. Friends in Madison, experienced gardeners and weather-watchers, report 7.26 inches of rain in their backyard last night.
  7. 2017 Short/Medium Range Severe Thread

    I grew up in that corner of UT. That map does indeed follow the major population centers along the western side of the Wasatch range--called by natives the "Wasatch Front." There are some very strong wind events to the west and north of that square, but the land use is huge dry farms run by farmers who live some distance away so few actually have homes or buildings and therefore less awareness. To the east are the mountains, and so some few mountain communities. There are some significant winds that come out of the canyons though, if the situation is right. Communities to the south are limited by water, much of which comes from smaller wells. It is windy and cold in the winter!
  8. May 2017 Discussion

    Hello canderson! I lurk in your forum all the time since my best friend lives in Carlisle. You might find the discussion you need in the severe thread. I think you'll be safe but do check over there.
  9. This is a damn tiresome way to spend winter. Time to get out the seed catalogs and plan the garden!
  10. Dec. 4th Snow Event

    Very nice snow--I make it just about 4.5 inches, so a bit of an over performer IMBY. Kittens loved it, though. They were rolling around in it like puppies!
  11. Dec. 4th Snow Event

    WWA here south of Madison for 3-4 inches. I'd be quite happy with that!
  12. October 2016 General Discussion

    Yesterday's frost killed my watermelon vines. Bummer, since there were ten or so melons still ripening. Still in the 40s this AM, so I guess the grass will keep on keeping on...
  13. October 2016 General Discussion

    Thirty-six degrees this AM. Time to bust out the cold weather bedding and the chili fixings.
  14. September 2016 General Discussion

    Down to 49 degrees this AM. Well above 70 now, but I did dig out a sweatshirt.
  15. Aug. 18-22 Severe/Heavy Rain possibilities

    Severe t-storm watch for southwest and south central WI.