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  1. Green, Rock, Milwaukee and Waukesha counties (south-central and south-east Wisconsin) all have brand spanking new (unexpected) Winter Weather Advisories for snow and mixed precipitation.
  2. Pingers in Green County (south-central) Wisconsin
  3. And...A Winter Storm Watch for southern Wisconsin for 5-7 inches of snow.
  4. Pleasant fall rain -- would have been nice to lay around in bed this morning. So far, .85 inches.
  5. When I went to bed last night, my morning forecast did not include two-three hours of snow!
  6. About five inches of snow on the road and one truck on the lawn. Nice storm!
  7. Beautiful front yard. Too bad I must now clear the drive and walks...
  8. Regardless of how much or little snow we get, this is a beautiful storm right now. Snow, wind, drifting...just lovely!
  9. Can I just say that I am tired of these piddly t-storms? Go big or go south and annoy Illinois!
  10. It has begun in Albany, Green County, WI!
  11. Winter Storm Warnings in southern WI counties. Heavy snow with 6-9” of accumulation. From 9 PM Monday to midnight Tuesday.
  12. It’s -24 degrees, -50 wind chill with 14 mph winds here in Albany, WI. If we hadn’t made the -50 reading I would have spent all day feeling like a failure.
  13. Warnings issued for Green, Dane counties in Wisconsin for 5-10 inches of heavy snow.
  14. We have a Watch for 7-10 inches of snow in Green County, WI.
  15. Weather Underground has a reading of -26 for a station near Albany, WI. The Weather Channel reading is -20. I believe that it is five to ten degrees colder than predicted.