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  1. Tornado Warning here in eastern Green County, WI. Buzzer on the iPhone took 5 years off my dang life when it went off!
  2. Thank goodness it’s finally raining! The humidity was at sauna levels so we’ll finally get done of that water from the atmosphere to the dirt. Hopefully it will train…
  3. Picked up nearly an inch of rain and dropped a good fifteen degrees. Perfect!
  4. Heard one roll of thunder today. And to add insult to injury, it occurred while I was out hauling water to the watermelons!
  5. Hit 94 here. Bad summer to execute new landscaping ideas. Watering new plants is getting to be a full-time job.
  6. Tomatoes seem to be okay but some of the watermelon seedlings show significant leaf damage. Bummer. On the other hand, it’s early enough that I’ll just stick a few more seeds in some of the hills.
  7. 36 degrees this AM, below the forecasted low. No frost advisory, either, but I see frost on cars and on the ground. I hope I didn’t just lose my tomatoes and watermelons...
  8. Short burst of flurries up here in Madison, WI. However, the projected temps are causing me to mourn for my cherries and peaches.
  9. Pea-sized hail in a baby t-storm just now. Nice to hear the change of seasons. From inside, of course.
  10. Beautiful day—72 and full sun. The day began with everyone outside for yard work and it ends with beer, grilling meat and discussions of pulled back muscles...
  11. If this is going to happen, it needs to get started soon...
  12. Winter Storm Warning for a glaze of ice, then 4-6 inches of snow. Edit: watch, not warning!
  13. Yeah, I’m the co-pilot for Cheesehead Airlines, LOL... Actually, I lived in MD while getting my PhD and loved this weather board — it was the olden days back then. Can’t remember what it was called but I was lurking in the Mid-Atlantic sub-forum last night and nothing has changed. I have a very good friend in Carlisle so I visit here fairly often.
  14. I want you gentlemen to know that we laugh about this because it’s true, not because it’s odd. The line in the liquor store part of Madison’s Woodman’s, which is like your Wegman’s, was a world class affair on Saturday AM! There was a woman with sixty of those little single-shot bottles of liquor in her cart and another gentleman with seven fifths of Tito’s. All for a five-inch storm...
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