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  1. Anecdotal evidence, gee what a surprise. There are going to be adverse reactions to any vaccine. The efficacy for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 95 and 94% respectively. That is pretty damn impressive, considering not much at all was known about this virus just 12 months ago. Are you willfully obtuse just for the attention? Well, you have ours now.
  2. I know of something else that needs flattening.
  3. I still have 80 or so KN95 masks left. I'm gonna wear them from now on after the pandemic, especially during the winter months. If I trigger my local tough guys like Jonger, then that's gravy.
  4. Article includes a quote from an "Extreme Meteorologist". https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/accuweathers-2021-us-spring-severe-weather-tornado-forecast/901242
  5. Angrysummons says the total number of active cases will be at 0 by May.
  6. Their ghoul of a governor looks absolutely thrilled at the news.
  7. The best in the epidemiological game, folks.
  8. Flameuary into Morch, says the best in the game.
  9. My 74 year-old mother was supposed to "update" her file with Northwestern Medicine, unbeknownst to her. That's the excuse they're giving her. Now she's afraid she got lost in the vaccine shuffle. She has much younger retired friends that have already received one or both doses. I'm so livid.
  10. I watched the first half of that video too, and now I feel queasy. Heartbreaking.
  11. Imagine the last thing you hear before dying is a Grateful Dead cover. :barf:
  12. You've been saying for the last few days that we're headed for the next ICE AGE. No spring for you.
  13. Tom Brady owns. If it wasn't for the great Eli Manning, he'd have 9 rings. As it is, he has more rings than any NFL franchise.
  14. Good, power to the people.
  15. I'm in MN, and I don't want it. Passing it like a cold "hot" potato back to Canada.
  16. Less than a 3.6 F average high?
  17. Looks like Malacka answered his own question mid-post.
  18. The Direct Weather guy is usually a big , so he's in hog heaven right now.
  19. My favorite part of winter is watching the fat guys who refuse to not wear shorts frantically run across a parking lot.