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  1. I got blocked for calling him the r-word and for telling him that my friend Jonger could squish him with his blubber.
  2. Lakes/OV Forum: Are ya winning, son? Malacka11: Yes.
  3. Ready for some sleet pellets the size of Jonger's nuts.
  4. So no active periods of severe wx then, oh great one?
  5. ^what are you talking about? Stormfanaticind promised us many waves of severe wx.
  6. Yep. Although driving between MN and IL a lot during the PLANDEMIC, I've noticed everyone driving 80+ through Wisconsin. Your stupid gross oversized second home isn't going anywhere, weekend warrior.
  7. Sheesh, everyone's a critic. You all want NOLA to wiped clean off the map lol.
  8. Nice, you snagged the Morton Salt girl.
  9. There's your robust answer, Malacka. Gas up your car and head out to Sioux Falls Friday afternoon.
  10. Oh no, not Ludlow. First, locusts. Now, Biblical floods.
  11. I see a funnel cloud on Scott Peake's stream, out by Esmond.
  12. That happened when I was in high school. Although I lived 30 miles away from Aurora, we still got 12"+. I lived in our finished basement and heard a gurgling noise coming out of the floor drain, followed by raw sewage exploding out of the drain (and bathroom toilet lol). All said, there was about 4' of raw sewage in our basement as a result of the storm. In June that year, we got about 1-2' of rain water in the basement. We had just replaced the carpeting and had the drywall replaced.
  13. Get in line. I'm still waiting on my Juneteenth 2025 forecast map.
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