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  1. In five short months, the leaves will have fallen and will be crunching underfoot.
  2. Google Maps traffic layer shows quite a bit of traffic right on the main drag in Gaylord.
  3. Weed has been legal for 2.5 years already.
  4. Man, I'm sweltering. When does the cold front get here?
  5. The Ogallala Aquifer is fully recharged again. It'll be fine.
  6. COVID? First Jerry Taft, then Hamernik, now Ramsey. I know Skilling used the cheat code to lose over 100 pounds, but somebody wrap him in bubble wrap.
  7. Second best climo after severe weather. Hopefully, we can flip the switch back and forth next week.
  8. Political Roundtable and Off Topic. Those are the forums where the gloves come off.
  9. My cat is going bonkers right now as the first gusts hit.
  10. Straight, white men can't catch a break.
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