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  1. Here some pingers here 43.9 .
  2. Not sure how I feel about this whole booster thing. If it’s yearly, no problem. Like the flu vax, but six months. Idk. I thought the whole rush is to mostly reduce it to manageable levels. I think folks will always die of covid like the Flu but if we need to live getting a shot every 6 months seems crazy. I agree with most that we will learn to live that like many other viruses, people will die, there will always be new variants and we will need to vaccinate yearly. The question is what is that acceptance level of deaths? 100 a day? 50? .
  3. Some good things and bad things from the bruins game.. I like the 3rd line and 4th line play today. Bergie line struggle.. Pasta is not right.. I give Hall a B- I mean new line and team so some adjustment needed. 2 pts is good. .
  4. I am impressed by their 7 game streak .
  5. Yeah, please tone down that resistance and defensiveness. .
  6. Can’t wait to see how the Bruins do this week .
  7. Again lol at anyone who thinks wearing a mask bothers most folks and that is somehow some sign of weakness but those that don’t wear masks are the heroes, standing up to the govt lol. .
  8. Even with a healthy D they have trouble scoring, definitely need a top 6 offensive player .
  9. Yeah not sure what is wrong with Coyle.. Kase I s another bust .
  10. Agree don’t need a 3rd line winger, need a 2nd liner and top 4 D just to ensure I never see Clifton again lol .
  11. Yeah he thinks everyone who gets severe covid is obese.. there was that capitals player who was out for 3 weeks due to covid .
  12. If we do nothing then let’s just miss the playoffs .