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  1. that would be great, hopefully folks don't go and buy a bunch of them and hoard it.
  2. Some uplifting stories of our everyday healthcare heroes, you can nominate folks
  3. GE furloughing 50% of it's GE aviation staff.
  4. once France reports we will cross 1M
  5. I have a few from the H1N1 scare, my company is trying to make some also, so maybe they will give me some prototypes
  6. I hope not! I thought I heard the longer you are the less your chances, but not sure if it's 85%, need to look it up.
  7. Sorry to hear, hope she get better. I guess I'm surprised it took that long to show symptoms, but I heard some can go 21 days.
  8. Italy seems to be stable, decreasing slowly which is good, which it would go down faster. New 4668 Deaths 760
  9. N100? if you use the right type of HEPA, like 99.95%..those would be the safest.
  10. Not sure why my replied went in there.
  11. There is a good podcast on this, will post later. Basically how imperfect COVID is, if it was to created in a lab, likely a different approach would have been taken. Now it could still have been a random event in nature in a lab...