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  1. 0.13" yesterday and 0.06" so far today.. light rain 71/69
  2. 37 here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. GEFS still has maria in close vicinity
  4. that webcam in stcroix still working somehow but power seems to be off around it
  5. anything live from st croix? can't find any feeds..
  6. recon headed out
  7. vortex @911 dropsone had 12kts (From the N at 14mph)
  8. I believe Tip called it earlier.. Maria would be stronger than Irma
  9. irma?
  10. 905.7 extr
  11. looks like one more pass by recon
  12. HAM radio just reported " total destruction" in Dominica
  13. live reports now from Dominica.. but little info coming out
  14. highest peak is 1k, not sure if that will do much.. vs Dominica almost 5k
  15. Thanks for the link