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  1. You would think we would be setting up for a major EL NINO heading into Spring next year. But the sub surface while leaning warm is not primed for strong Nino.
  2. What the hell is with the stagger effect along the coast? That has to be wrong?
  3. You guys have an uncanny ability to have things "epically" turn around for your area am the way till the end of March. After a while it can feel hopeless but it's not.
  4. Its freaking everywhere. So depressing. Absolutely no staying power.
  5. The low level jet is really laying us out now. So far the snow line has stayed in SEMO. Even under convective looking returns. The snow flake size has increased a lot.
  6. I'm surprised they ever went above 10-13. That probably is time sensitive and doesn't count what's already fallen tho.
  7. Looks like drizzle under the lighter returns. The warm layer is like 300ft deep at 32.5f. But ice nucleation and dendrite growth is definitely questionable at times.
  8. The latest nam is unbelievable. Almost 2" of liquid in my backyard. At 7"+ now
  9. The airport always does. The NWS headquarters in Weldon. springs about 25 miles NW of downtown will have a legit total.
  10. St Louis is a disaster. I am 15 miles ESE of downtown. We have 5-6" so far with heavy snow unfolding. Only a small break later on before it ramps up again
  11. Pwats are ridiculously high I think the Northern edge might be underdone
  12. Every single model has the biggest widespread snow event in St. Louis this decade. Rivaling 1-4-14. Pinch me.
  13. It's not that. Just massive changes over SE Canada in the mid levels. Like pretty amazing how big for 5 days out.
  14. The GEFS looks good for a major storm at the end.
  15. The GEFS is gearing up for a major winter event over the Eastern conus on this run towards the end. Nice look