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  1. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    What the hell is going on up there
  2. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    There is some serious melt happening well into the basin. The red line is my open water estimate by seasons end. The black circle is an area of enhanced melt obscured by clouds. The green circle is an area of lower albedo in the Southern CAB where a buoy shows strong bottom melt. This is near 79N.
  3. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Don't know about I don't know if that'll happen but it's definitely looking like a top three bottom finish. We'll just have to wait and see this pattern incoming is pretty warm all over except on the Greenland side
  4. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    And there is a lot of heat already in the water With a major Ridge about to bring more solar heating and the Southerly flow along the Pacific side.
  5. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Ł Looks like the wrather is really pushing towards a top 3 finish So much warm open water coupled with: relentless sun. Land driven warmth. Favorable winds to drive compaction. So some excitement.
  6. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Boring. We are past that point where we need to learn about how to follow this since now all of us know what's what unless there's a record being threatened this is boring will probably end up maybe 3rd or 4th at the end of the year unless the last end of June going through July is just dipole-dipole. Maybe if things ended up just cold the rest of the summer it wouldn't be a top-5 bottom maybe probably not but maybe. With the cold season in the Arctic now being so warm unless that changes there's going to be no recovery even from where we are the question I'm getting rid of the summarized it's going to be that cold season becoming even less friendly for ice development and the right set of summertime weather conditions. Because if say around May 20th to early July. We had the number one warmest. You know most dipole perfect wind pattern on record we would probably get really close to having an ice-free summer. Because that would insure all the ice except for I mean three to four metres thick ice just north of Canada would go. The issue at hand dare is getting a sustainable dipole pattern for a hundred plus days. This is just a guess but by looking at some of the charts and mid July on during 2007 it looks to me like some of the high-pressure and higher heights were driven straight from the fact it the ice Albedo effect was so crushing over such a large part of the Arctic that summer. Heating of the lower atmosphere was much easier during the line August over ice then than it has been many years since you can get I'll be those down to the .4 range. But one thing that this summer has already done it has very thin ice and it has warm open large areas of water or limbs have constantly been pushing the water towards the main ice pack which we know is going to cause that water to go up underneath that ice and cripple it from the bottom. I'd also guess that the longer-lasting snowpack this past year has helped. Sent from my SM-G530T using Tapatalk
  7. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    IUThe models show a massive ridge. The Euro is ending April with a massive full scale dipole anomaly on the NA side. The GFS also keeps the Pacific side way warm. Will see ice darkening from this and below normal ice growth
  8. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Thanks its good to be back.I
  9. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Compare to other years. The Pacific side is a joke. Going to take 2013 or 1996 weather to prevent a top 3. And that's not guaranteed. Nice dipole underway with ridiculous heights this week as well.
  10. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Lots of clearing on modis. The ice is wrecked so bad. That low concentration ice is the real deal.
  11. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    The ice has been smoked. Now an absolutely filthy warm wind field is forming.Gonna end up in 2nd place
  12. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    The entire Pacific side is going to melt out South of 80N.
  13. 2016 Global Temperatures

    Temps won't drop very much from here
  14. Greenland Melt Discussion

    GiS is getting smoked hardcore attm.
  15. Cryosat versus piomas is pretty off over a large region of the Western CAB. We'll see how that goes.