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  1. IUThe models show a massive ridge. The Euro is ending April with a massive full scale dipole anomaly on the NA side. The GFS also keeps the Pacific side way warm. Will see ice darkening from this and below normal ice growth
  2. Thanks its good to be back.I
  3. Compare to other years. The Pacific side is a joke. Going to take 2013 or 1996 weather to prevent a top 3. And that's not guaranteed. Nice dipole underway with ridiculous heights this week as well.
  4. Lots of clearing on modis. The ice is wrecked so bad. That low concentration ice is the real deal.
  5. The ice has been smoked. Now an absolutely filthy warm wind field is forming.Gonna end up in 2nd place
  6. The entire Pacific side is going to melt out South of 80N.
  7. Temps won't drop very much from here
  8. GiS is getting smoked hardcore attm.
  9. Cryosat versus piomas is pretty off over a large region of the Western CAB. We'll see how that goes.
  10. Another year and another quick melt out of NH snow cover
  11. Wow they are almost identical post 2000. And either way. All reliable sst data sets have the crushing "pause busting" warmth.
  12. That is delussional. And sad since you are a smart guy. I mean you are saying you believe somewhere between 7-15 independent datasets are being manipulated. You also inherently believe the weather models are being manipulated since their ssts would have to be manipulated to change what the surface sets show.
  13. Snow cover is falling off a cliff now and the weather going forward shows the easiest march to record lows in the 49 years of records