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  1. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Banter 2019

    Just Wow. https://imgur.com/Slots0t
  2. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    WWA for 3-4" on May 21 in Denver.
  3. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    95%? Big time bust..
  4. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May 2019 General Discussions & Observations Thread

    Feels like it's in the 70s.
  5. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    eh, the stuff moving across OKC now really low cap the potential today.
  6. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    Wow, powerful ridge coming up. Cornerstone feature. It could lead to a cooler Summer
  7. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    El Nino is kind of dying to cooler enso so instead of 10-12 storms we could do 13-16
  8. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Banter 2019

  9. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    It's not raining.. there were 2 wind gusts where I thought there would be showers.
  10. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    2019 ENSO

    The North Pacific looks very El Ninoish for the next 15 days. Subsurface is cooling. -OLR for the first time in a long time near 180W is going to keep us away from a +north Pacific Hadley cell though, despite neutral/negative ENSO.
  11. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    2019 ENSO

    Subsurface is Weak La Nina, but the +PNA is stringent. Through the next 15 days, wonder why the disconnect.
  12. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    ^Its been record cold Stratosphere early in the season Nov-Dec 2017, 2018.
  13. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    -NAO.. definitely makes a difference *g
  14. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    We are definitely veering back to -PNA tint though! The GOA Low is a dominant feature days 4-10.
  15. AfewUniversesBelowNormal

    May Discobs 2019

    The GOA low is really a force since April 1, El Nino pattern.