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  1. Looks like a La Nina making. I doubt anything real could develop in this environment.
  2. ^Alaska warming is the default. Not as seasonal as you think.
  3. What a shift in models away from El Nino in the last 2-3 weeks. Look at this, El Nino until recently.[/img]
  4. After this, I can't imagine much more named storms unless a La Nina develops (we are in nowhere land).
  5. I don't know, it would be hard to bet against a shorter term La Nina, at least in Nino 3. The subsurface warmer pool will push a cold wave to the surface in Nino 1.2 and 3 for at least the next month.
  6. I doubt if the -NAO verifies the EC ridge will dominate.
  7. Well, Winter is breaking into the West and Rocky Mountains. It looks like it's going to be another one of these type of years.
  8. Here comes the La Nina. My prediction is developing La Nina.
  9. You'd always see this ENSO configuration in a generally warm Earth because of land/mountain torque.. Any warmer and it's biased El Nino (Nino 1.2 and 3 are cold).
  10. Hard to imagine the weekly of Nino 1.2 or 3 doesn't hit -1.0 in the coming weeks/months..
  11. Just like everything, it's averaging out in time. Big time -AO develops as soon as the ice accretion starts.
  12. Looking at medium/long range models, it's really hard for a +PNA to form. Skewed toward -PDO, like we've seen 2014-2019 in the long wavelength season. The Aleutian High becomes a block in about September and the same is holding true this year. I mention this because we had +PNA all year up until about 7-10 days ago. This -PDO is a pattern that will hold.
  13. I wonder how it would be if people lived in Greenland? .. That's why.. oh, space weather was a +25% research and I stopped it for whatever reason.