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  1. I love see the huge NAM figures 48 hrs - 36 hrs out. I think the NAM did well Dec. 2020 for interior areas. Hopefully 0Z Thursday... ;-)
  2. These storms all seems like ones where we got NAMd, with the possible exception of boxing day. I am pretty sure the GFS was first to bring that back. I don't know about 96 but that was the EE rule era. When I say NAMd, I mean it worked out.
  3. The last 2 storms were modeled decently. I mean, what model do you want to see a storm on, and if there is one, where do want to see the storm at this range? Is it better for the like the navgem to have an apps runner? Does that mean we get a storm in the metroplex? Come on this is a decent signal.
  4. Mac Jones grandchildren will ask him if he ever met Josh Allen.
  5. Down here at my normal home we say to get the good snows you have to be right next to the taint.
  6. This is not unsurprising. The LP center could have gone left or right of the spine. Least resistance is left, and the NAM did that.
  7. I agree. It has a chance to slip to the left or right of what we have been seeing. At the same time the models are steadfast so what do I know?
  8. GFS looks a tick slower than the last run at 06z... Does not mean much
  9. We could totally get skunked, at least large storm varieties. I thought the winter would not be good, but not playing out like this exactly.
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