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  1. This guy is definitely in the running...but lest we forget james has a book. A weenie magnum opus.
  2. Welp, put a pot of coffee up and let us know how you make out.
  3. So Ithaca gets 63 average, and 45 miles to the southeast, BGM gets 83. The difference must the coastals and orographics. Ithaca gets the same LE roughly that BGM gets I bet, since the trajectory would be aligned the same for both cities. I grew up in elmira which is due south of Ithaca, and that place averages 45 ish. No LE to speak of, and coastals nearly always are too far east.
  4. Very rare. Once in 2017 is the last one i recall. Has to be a georgian bay connection that is sustained and winds perfectly aligned.
  5. I went to Binghamton and I would have guessed 60 or so. I was going to troll your figures but decided to look it up instead which turned out to be the right move. I grew up just west of BGM and we only averaged 45 so 83 seemed high, but the last decade might have had a big impact on averages up there. I suspect it also gets some orographic enhancement since the catskills are just to the east of there.
  6. Confirmed 83 exactly. Once again ORHwxman’s recall on these things is redonkulous.
  7. Hawthorne. We seldom jack here but i think we nailed this one. Still coming down lightly.
  8. Can confirm. Already added an inch since last report. This is an overperformer from here on out. NWS moved totals to 4 to 8 but we are going to inch past that up here, if just.
  9. I have 7 up here north of HPN. I have a stake out there.
  10. Wow. Repeat of last weekend? You talk pretty.
  11. Of late, it appears to my unqualified eyes that the gfsv16 is pretty good esp. compared the gfs on the last storm.