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  1. Once in awhile I will throw the sensor unit on mine into the basement freezer to see if I can trick the wife into thinking its minus 10 out. About 15 years ago I recorded an hour of the weather channel as a major mid 2000s blizzard was about to hit. On April fools day I let the recording play in the living room and left to see what would happen… Last summer we got some new mini split A/C units with remote thermostadts. I threw one of those in the freezer for awhile and then took a picture of the 41 degree reading on it and sent it to my wife at work to show her how good the units cooled the house. None got a laugh and now that I am thinking about it, I didn’t get any afterwards either. Try something else next time I guess…
  2. The commercials are really tiresome. I used to TIVO games and skip through the commercials. Game took about 1.5 hours max. Now I have NFL gamepass and switch over to redzone when my game has a commercial.
  3. I didn't renew my VT camp lease. Big NE winter incoming.
  4. I would equate this thread to a 4-6 inch snow event in winter which goes to show how important the rain is to all of us. Did well with this here in Westchester. I don't have a gauge, but I'd eyeball fishpond level is up about 2.5 inches. For here the models weren't too bad.
  5. We just had about 30 minutes of heavy rain here north of HPN. Had to be close to an inch. Shit was heavy.
  6. Thats The One. I got over 30 inches. I learned 2 things: it can snow a lot and you can predict it (somewhat). Read the the paper to track it.
  7. Always prefer a favorable Pacific look myself. Tends to stick around and offer up more chances since the conditions can stick around awhile. No idea how we get out of this NINA state for the upcoming winter unless as you say other marine warmth anomalies alter things.
  8. I keep going back to that volcano water vapor ejection. I think the jury is still out. The hot and dry air masses all around the midriff of the entire northern hemroidisphere, on every landmass on this side of the tropics…seems too unlikely of a coincidence that there isn't a common cause. I know nasa said no but what do they know? If they stuck to space flight maybe they would be flying in space right now.
  9. I can envision of sort of whip motion of the long wave pattern with extreme heights and troughs for a time at the inevitable tide-turn of the season's change. If we can be on the right side of that a couple of times, who knows? I am not envious of someone who has to make a seasonal forecast though. Tell you something - a few people have already said 2023/24 is the one to watch (not that that theory is investible at this point.)
  10. I was tempted to weenie that but yes...maybe...
  11. I was channeling my inner Chuck Yeager in order to not die. I rode something like 90k miles before I hung up the Harley. It wasn't always fun.
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