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  1. Welp...decided to go get the antibody test for the family Sunday. Took 1 hr to get an appointment at a local urgent care which surprised me. I thought tests were in short supply. Nope. Place was empty. No questions asked either. No copay. Results come back 14 YO came up with the anti body. My wife and I did not. Weird. So we went back and got the swab test to see if we an active infection. No red alert symptoms or anything, maybe tired and allergy type stuff if anything. Will report back. My son lost taste for a few weeks but no other symptoms. If you get the nose sucks. I do know 2 other families where 1 person positive with the infection, and NO one else tested positive for the infection or anti bodies. Jives with what’s happening in my house, but doesn’t jive with what I hear from news and what I should expect. Weird.
  2. Right except for the part where it cuts.
  3. Through all of this cold, my lawn looks great. Noted some leaves in a nearby woods have slightly curled up because of the cold and snow last week, but no other signs on the greenery, at least here in mid Westchester.
  4. I was thinking about big temp swings. I know we have had some in the few years, but mainly in winter., but like 60 degree swings in a couple of days.
  5. DC lost their autonomy I think during Marion Berry’s reign. Congress took away their ability to govern themselves, iirc.
  6. I read California has a rainy day fund. Or had one anyway... which would be amazing if true.
  7. I figured CT and Illinois are actually close to defaulting.
  8. I am sitting on the fence about how I feel about the lockdown. It’s extreme but I don’t k now what else to do. This patient hasn’t generated expected income for many years. Somehow it got worse in the last 4.
  9. Cuomo can’t figure out how to fund the state in normal times, and doesn’t know why we keep missing revenue targets. He said it plainly. He is doing great on the virus response. His budget skills are atrocious. One of the worst in the US. Maybe CT and IL are worse?
  10. Remember we had a white thanksgiving in many areas. Iirc a couple recent November’s have been cold.