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  1. I just moved my winter camp out of old forge. Gets too crowded now in winter.
  2. Yes please. There was a couple of good ones in there esp. that February storm we talked about a few months back. For my locale at the time it was a monster. The good winters started in 1993 we’ve been rolling more or less since. I would sign up for that look all day long. Cold air sourced and I am sure we will get some pna dips in there.
  3. I remember DT. He hasnt changed. There was also some freak on their who kept saying everything was false and calling people a pest. The first troll i ever encountered!
  4. Haven't even got that far yet! I just got word about the camp so I dont know which club we would be involved in. We plan to trailer north from time to time as well but this will be a learning curve but thats part of the fun!
  5. Amazing! Wow. Lets talk as we get closer to winter. We would also volunteer for a weekend at a club nearby to do signs or trail clearing.
  6. All we have to do is never buy what they are selling anymore. No fossil fuels, plastics, etc and they go out of business. Easy!
  7. Basically found a place on the trail system and everything worked out. I would have liked to get further north but it will do. Ive never ridden in Vermont so this will be a nice change from the ADK.
  8. I just relocated my camp from ADK to VT so I’m in now.
  9. I feel like the sh*ts going to go down up here at HPN tonight and tomorrow with the NW movement apparently underway.
  10. Do we know if any actually materialized? We got out of bed and went to the basement. It was loud here north of HPN but no reports in these parts.
  11. I am in my freakin basement with the family. Damn.
  12. I know right? Snowfall measurements are always too low at CPK.
  13. Same. Step down to winter. Weak nina? Going to try to hold off winter mode in my house until September but next week I am heading to NH to check out a camp for this winter so its on the brain heavily already.
  14. Pretty sure i am smelling smoke faintly in the air...anyone else? Im up in westchester.
  15. I can only remember one other smoke situation of this magnitude and that is the Colorado fires from probably 10 or so years back. You could smell it here as well as see it. i was in san fran 4 years ago during one of the california fires and the whole city smelled like a campfire and was thick with smoke.
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