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  1. stop fear mongering... Africa did not have lock downs.. neither did Nauru and Malta.. just stop it
  2. dude you should stop posting, your an idiot.
  3. Hopefully I can get my shot by April, looking to take a trip out to Yellowstone with the kids in May, we want to be fully vaccinated before that. Crazy to see that 2.5M+ have died in just over 12 months, imagine if we would have listen to the it's just the flu crowd,. 5M? 10M?
  4. yeah last year was fun, even just watching goes16 minute updates with some many systems deepening quickly. Will you put a TS forecast? is that a new thing for you? I know you track individual storms and put out a forecast.
  5. next spring? I'm reducing my post count now into summer, will comeback if there is some interesting weather between now and fall, maybe we can finally score a decent TS or Derecho
  6. down to 11.7.. meh on winds as usual a few gusts,
  7. 33 snow nice coating on cool surfaces
  8. probably picked up another 2" during the day.. around 4" so far
  9. yeah pretty cool to see on radar..stuff flying east and this coming in from the ocean
  10. looks like a ~2" at home still snowing but crappy snow growth
  11. starting watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu.. man I've missed out that show is hilarious
  12. is this you or the weenies in the basement?
  13. yeah, saw that.. I was trying to register.. I might wait a couple of weeks till things settle
  14. it does, but it will all get shunted south/east.. but who knows, I hope I wake up to a surprise.
  15. at least this is interesting, I mean the whole board is here, in summer its freaking 5 people talking about dews and droughts daily