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  1. That volcano in the Canary Islands is pretty cool to watch .
  2. yeah for sure, I guess AN vs. Summer weather are 2 different things for me, summer weather is 80+ and 60+ evenings, but everyone might have their own definition.
  3. while it looks to torch relative to norms, still looks nice.. upper 70's with mid 50's at nights.. ?? am i missing something>?
  4. seems to be moving east might stay off the coast..?
  5. the flooding video from NYC/NJ are insane, hopefully it does not get that bad here.
  6. at the end of this video some lady goes down the stairs into the subway.. THAT would be the last place I want to be lol
  7. yeah SMW out.. I would watch that storm as it moves into the S coast.
  8. tested pump, working .. a few of us will probably be posting overnight when this peak
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