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  1. back on 1/15-1/20 from CA so perfect timing for a biblical.. * 75 here today
  2. Yeah, never going back to gas powered .
  3. My shiba inu is up 800% this month .
  4. 3.16” so far back home. Still in Pismo so missing all the rain back east. .
  5. Probably, need to find a western coast wx forum and pouch their members .
  6. Mountain west thread is kind of a snooze, first big rains in central coast in 2 years and 1 post, my post lol. Will need to recruit.. .
  7. Power out in pismo/SLO area with light rain only so far. Is this where we post CA stuff? Moving here end of year. .
  8. That volcano in the Canary Islands is pretty cool to watch .
  9. yeah for sure, I guess AN vs. Summer weather are 2 different things for me, summer weather is 80+ and 60+ evenings, but everyone might have their own definition.
  10. while it looks to torch relative to norms, still looks nice.. upper 70's with mid 50's at nights.. ?? am i missing something>?
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