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  1. Is radar filling in for round 2 over PA?
  2. How long can this rotating band stay over us in the HV? it looks like it means to hang for a while the way that moisture is streaming in from the sound and east.
  3. After last weeks ice. Had to stop on the way to work...
  4. .8 inches of ZR.? with no thawing all week? That is a disaster if it occurs. Esp because the nyseg trucks have not been mobilized like in past storms in preparation.
  5. Is that really a possibility That is major power outages, with sub zero temps all week. NWS has not even mentioned that kind of ice event all week, and now still says only up to .2 ZR possible.
  6. watch out..... Special Weather Statement National Weather Service New York NY 958 AM EST Thu Jan 24 2019 NJZ002-004-006-103>108-NYZ067>075-176>179-242100- Western Passaic-Eastern Passaic-Hudson-Western Bergen- Eastern Bergen-Western Essex-Eastern Essex-Western Union- Eastern Union-Orange-Putnam-Rockland-Northern Westchester- Southern Westchester-New York (Manhattan)-Bronx- Richmond (Staten Island)-Kings (Brooklyn)-Northern Queens- Northern Nassau-Southern Queens-Southern Nassau- 958 AM EST Thu Jan 24 2019 ...A LINE OF HEAVY RAIN WITH POTENTIALLY STRONG TO DAMAGING WINDS THIS AFTERNOON... A line of heavy rain with possible thunderstorms will move in this afternoon between 12PM and 3PM. Widespread wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph are possible with this line. This could bring down tree limbs, trees, and power lines.
  7. What a draaaag... this winters getting old....
  8. Any guesses on first flakes. Radar looks pretty far off still. also, anyone know of a good "futurecast" link, like accuweather has on chanel seven?
  9. same on the weakened tree threat. wont take much ice accrual with the winds whipping to bring down more trees.
  10. OK gravity, Mahopac is in for.... 1-4 inches with 1inch sleet and a glaze 4-8 possible, sleet and glaze uncertain..consult the magic 8 ball.. anyway, with the warming trends, do you think heavy icing threat is in play?
  11. anyone have a link to a futurecast like simulated radar . (like the accuweather one they use on abc7 for example) . thanks
  12. Hey G. Tough one to watch on radar today, and like you said, couldnt even comiserate this afternoon with the server down. I have never seen such returns overhead with no snow! It is amazing to me that so much moisture can evap. like that. I am sitting watching it come down decent now, and monitoring the "snow stick cam" on the back porch which I just set up today in my pre-storm excitement. also have a Mahopac cam I can see my work driveway to tell how much is over there. My wife hates the winter. We're married 18 years, and she still thinks I am out of my freakin mind for liking this stuff. Only about 3/4 inch here at this point. Looking at the radar I keep getting hopes up, only to be let down. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with the radar. At least I'll get to use the quad one more time tomorrow before work. I may even truck it in to the animal hospital and plow there just for fun in the am(and save $90)
  13. Hey G.  Tough one to watch on radar today, and like you said, couldnt even comiserate this afternoon with the server down.

  14. same here, you think it will still make it further north into putnam?