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  1. I'm with you man, I'm sure it will help alot of people, but it's really only a start. Guess it's something, but it surely isn't the general public's saving grace.
  2. Dude, you're at ground zero for the best upslope tomorrow and Saturday. Enjoy the awesome
  3. Yes, it is amazing. I was up at Whitegrass this past weekend the skiing was excellent, although snow was melting fast on Sunday. Another great storm coming your way!
  4. Music to my ears! Will be there Saturday. Doing the sled trail at blackwater Saturday afternoon then Whitegrass Sunday. Here's hoping to snow all day and tomorrow for y'all!
  5. Thank you sir. I saw that forecast; hopefully The Fearless Weatherman knows his stuff!
  6. @jonjon Going up to Davis for Blackwater sledding and hopefully some X-country skiing Sat-Mon. What are the local mets up there expecting in terms of upslope snow totals?
  7. You know it's a lame winter when the digital snow thread hasn't hit two pages yet. But, I feel it might just start hopping soon. Where is the FV3 when you need it?
  8. I'll fall on the sword: Global Effing Warming...see three words instead of two
  9. Just measured 3" in northern Albemarle county! Radar says freezing rain and sleet, but it's been all snow here.
  10. Yes, I can confirm that it just started lightly snowing in Charlottesville. We've had Virga for the past two hours.
  11. So happy this one looks to lay the hammer from Cho up through the rest of the subforum. I'll give everyone a sneak preview of the (hopefull) rippage from northern Cho tomorrow
  12. Wish I was here. We all wish we could just squeak out a little snow and the WV mountains fart out flakes seemingly every other day.
  13. Just had a dime sized hail storm just Northeast of Charlottesville...lots of wind, some tree damage and power outages
  14. Closing in on 2 inches just north of Charlottesville....ol' Man winter didn't shaft us down here after all!
  15. Just making sure everyone knows that Charlottesville is shielded by anti-snow sucktitude. Literally snowing all around us but not here. We have missed out on the last three snow events. Thanks Appalachians!