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  1. kristia

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    So sorry for your loss.
  2. kristia

    Possible Infection of Site

    Same here. I get redirected to some website telling me that I won a bunch of nonexistent things.
  3. kristia

    April Banter Thingy

    I just saw this and now I don't even remember what it was like on that day!
  4. kristia

    April Banter Thingy

    Spring is fine and dandy but I miss snow already
  5. kristia

    March 19/20 Potential Winter Event

  6. kristia

    March 19/20 Potential Winter Event

    I was in bed with strep all day but I will get to a window to see my snow!
  7. kristia

    Potential storm chase, need a host!

    Haha I just saw this!
  8. kristia

    February Banter Thread

    I'm looking forward (hopefully) to my first charter fishing trip after the warmer weather arrives. I love snow but I miss fishing too. If spring is around the corner, I'm ok with that at this point.
  9. kristia

    February Banter Thread

    Hey at least you do it. I know people who just do fast food every day. I love cooking. Very relaxing
  10. kristia

    February Banter Thread

    I know right?! I have to get there soon. Last time I was in the area overnight was in October and they aren't open Monday or Tuesday. Quite a letdown but I was not daunted. I will always find my way to a good steak!
  11. kristia

    February Banter Thread

    Amen! I will see your 100000000000000000% and raise you 100000000000000000% more!ETA: I have been known on a few occasions to make the hour and a half drive to have a steak at Theo's in St. Michaels. Can't beat the scenery either.
  12. kristia

    February Banter Thread

    I have lived in MD for nigh on 38 years now and have never liked crabs or seafood. I'm surprised I haven't been excommunicated by now.
  13. kristia

    Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    Nothing going on here in NE BaltCo. Was hoping for at least something that would have prevented my drive to work