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  1. I have a phobia of bugs period. The stinkbugs here are unbelievable. I was seeing 10+ every day in the big front window. Get them with the bugzooka and 10 more were there to take their place the next day. One fell on my head while making dinner last week and then squared up on me after I brushed it to the floor . I’ve never seen one stand just on their back legs before. I wish I had taken a picture. Exterminator was out 2 days later.
  2. General area 39.514371,-77.497902
  3. Dry powder coming down steadily. Pretty gusty at times also but that’s nothing new up here.
  4. I was the one with the white knuckles blinding everyone through my windshield .
  5. I saw that one. Flipped over AND facing the wrong way. This was me the entire second half of my commute. I’m guessing 4-5 here.
  6. Left work in Baltimore around 9:00. On 70 going through Turf Valley area was absolutely dumping snow about 45 minutes ago. Highway was covered for a good 5-6 miles and visibility was nil. My current situation Is waiting for my other half to come down and plow me a path up our road. I’ll take “things you can’t do in a Jetta for $200”
  7. We are at 1200’. I would say we got about 5” before it let up. Rates were great here.
  8. I still work in Baltimore 2 days a week until I find a new job here. Might be sooner than later if I get fired for missing every Sunday
  9. Still a decent amount here combined with last weekend. No complaints.
  10. Still coming down here. Let up for maybe 15-20 minutes.
  11. 37 here currently. Still have plenty of snow from the last storm. Took this coming down the mountain earlier.
  12. Whatever historically brings better luck