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  1. My brother is a reactor operator and I asked him to text his friend at Turkey Point and they have 2 fully equipped shifts rotating every 12 hours. They will remain on site until relief gets there. They are beginning the shut down process (governor said closed, but its called shut down). For emergencies like this, at Diablo Canyon where my brother works, its a process called stranded plant.
  2. I live in Wheaton and I agree with Bob that this is the most intense and longest duration rain event outside of a tropical system in my 39 years. Fortunately I live on the 14th floor! I overlook Viers Mill and that's a tough go right now.
  3. So unusual with the small flakes - I can confirm the same in Wheaton. Lowest visb of the entire storm.
  4. All snow in Wheaton. Roads caved immediately.