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  1. Not holding my breath, but we should also watch the potential for backend snow Friday evening as the coastal low pulls away. RGEM showing a death band, and the Euro shows a similar scenario. Lol. Before that though, lots of sleet looks likely Thursday AM before changing to rain.
  2. I grew up in northern VA and I remember a couple good ice events in the 90s. Can’t remember exact dates but I’m pretty sure ‘94 was one of them.
  3. Gorgeous snow here in Salisbury. Went for a stroll at 2am.
  4. I’m frustrated too! It’s really unbelievable how bad the models have been..
  5. It’ll probably snow. And I’m hoping the Thursday night system bumps a bit more north. Definitely possible. I have Salisbury in 1-2 inches, and areas south 2-4.
  6. 00z run of the NAM lookin good. And still snowing...
  7. HAHA! You BETTER! We’ve nailed pretty much every storm so far! Very proud of our team!
  8. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here! Sorry for being MIA. Total snow for the season in Salisbury is around 7 inches now! Let’s add more to it! Wednesday night-Friday is looking intriguing! The EURO and NAM look kind of similar. When they agree, that’s good. The good ol’ EE rule. EURO & ETA (now the NAM).
  9. Time to wake up southern Maryland and eastern shore! ❄️
  10. NONE of the models are catching on to how juiced the radar is and how far east the moisture has made it already. Mount Holly mentioned this in their discussion and I posted it earlier. Radar looks very good right now. Definitely something to keep watching in terms of snow intensity and arrival time of moisture.
  11. I believe they’re hinting at an earlier start. But I can also see a more organized system meaning more precip. But again we’ll see.
  12. Interesting observation from Mount Holly. Maybe models underdoing the initial banding lifting north, especially eastern edge? Or maybe it means nothing. ...930 AM Update: No changes made yet to the forecast for this period, as we are waiting to see more of the 12Z guidance. However, it is interesting to note that the current precipitation shield extends further east (across the Carolinas) than what the models had depicted. I am not sure this will result in any significant changes for our area as models already had the precip extending across our region by late tomorrow. We will have a complete update on this system with the 4 PM update.
  13. Yes. The snowfall totals and precip shield shifted.