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  1. Yeah you’re in a dead-zone too. There’s only 3 peeps in Harford lol
  2. Does the political forum not work? Is it a different site now?
  3. Still about 3” here in Darlington.
  4. Looks like a 1-2” Catoctin special
  5. Last verified severe at my house was in July 2015 I believe. 62 MPH wind gust. Snow is difficult, but damn, severe even more so.
  6. It creeped me out lol. That’s the only way I can describe it.
  7. Be careful about parking on slopes. You can see where I parked it last night, and what I walked out to this AM. Slid back 20’ and only stopped because it hit the lawn.
  8. how is there still someone out there who doesn’t know
  9. I’m a landscaper and y’all are putting me to shame
  10. You could do some smaller river jacks as a covering too. It’s a little more expensive obviously but you will essentially only pay for it once whereas mulch is every year (2 for dyed).
  11. give farmersonly.com a look
  12. Precip shut off now. Last band that came through put down .6”. 1.7” measured just now, but it rained and sleeted earlier before I could get a good measurement.
  13. Snow again lol? Kinda weird. Another .1”.
  14. Yep. Congrats. Nothing like that here lol.
  15. Measured 1.0 in Havre de Grace after the rain and sleet started so probs a bit more. @Kay what did you get? We are usually within a few tenths lol.
  16. If you play the radar backwards the sleet line is retreating
  17. 1.7” in Darlington, looks like maybe a half-inch in HdG.
  18. Not too often is 95 in a 50% deficit while NW is solidly above average.
  19. They like riparian (woods + fresh water) environments. If there are sycamore trees, there will be orioles. We have 2 regular species, Northern Oriole, and Orchard Oriole. The latter can frequent marshes as well.
  20. .8 in Darlington. Flurries at home in HdG. Can’t make this shit up...
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