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  1. Not sure if this was posted yet but this is a really great graphic of the evolution of the long supercell.
  2. Kentucky Governor now expecting upwards of 70 - 100 deaths according to his press conference just now. Absolutely horrific
  3. Looks like this guy is trying to get into Mayfield. May take awhile though.
  4. Jesus... I hope people could take shelter underground if possible. Just an unreal debris ball.
  5. Yesterday I noted several commercial airlines flowing relatively "low" past my house before heading west. It actually shocked me as they never come this far north to start their flight after taking off IND. I suspect they had to travel a significant distance to get out of the smoke. Crazy to think about really.
  6. Looks like Bloomington, IN is dealing with extreme rainfall amounts. Seeing some reports of nearly 2" in 20 minutes. Water rescues ongoing now.
  7. Seeing some impressive pictures of hail on social media around Indy. I got a gust of wind so... score I guess. I shouldn't complain. I would rather have nothing than golf ball and larger sized hail hitting my car.
  8. Felt it pretty good here in Noblesville. Sounded like a huge gust of wind hit the building but when my monitor started shaking like crazy, I knew it was an earthquake.
  9. Yeah, they were going at a high rate of speed to try and keep up/get out of the way.
  10. And they might have just wrecked getting away from the storm. Oh my god. Stream cut out as they were trying to pass a car to the left and the car merged into the lane. I hope they make it out ok
  11. Steven MacLeroy is trying to catch up with it. Said its a massive tornado. They went through Brent just minutes earlier. They are insanely close. Too close for comfort
  12. Sounds like those employees in that building took shelter in the bathroom. Glad they did. I see he also spoke to someone with a busted window in their car. That was making me most nervous watching his stream... all those cars driving right into the path of that thing.
  13. He got insanely close. That thing was directed right at him while he was telling a bystander to get in a building. Great footage but wow, he is lucky.
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