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  1. Yep, Days such as that are probably only a few times in a lifetime. 1974 obviously, 1884 Enigma Outbreak possibly, Palm Sunday 1920, March 1932, and Palm Sunday 65 are the only ones off the top of my head that could compare. I'm sure some of those days in the late 1800s earlier 1900s had similar tornado numbers but as we know it was way harder to track them all then. Still 4/27 and 74 are in their own class
  2. For the US 1- April 27th 2011 Super Outbreak. In an already incredibly active month this day made it historic. Probably the biggest event so far in my lifetime of following weather. I'm 29 2- Hurricane Harvey Extreme Flooding in Texas. 3- March 2012 Warmth 4- Joplin EF5 Tornado 5- Hurricane Michael Oct 2018 6- Superstorm Sandy 2012 7- 2012 Heat Wave and Drought 8- Winter Storm Jonas Jan 16 9- Groundhog Day Storm 2011 10- 2013-14 Winter was one of the coldest on record for much of the Midwest and Eastern part of the country
  3. Later today I'm going to post a Nationwide top events of the decade. I know it's not all in our forum area but hey I'm bored and I always liked reading and doing things like this lol
  4. Central Indiana Top Events of the Decade 2010 June 2010 Storms/Derecho events and Extremely Heavy Rain. June 18th back to back mcs derechos and another similar night on the 20th and 21st Hot Humid August. Only official 80 degree dew point at NWS Indy for the decade was on Aug 3rd. Warm and Very Dry Fall 2010. Moderate to severe drought in Central and Southern Indiana by mid November 2011 January 31-Feb 2, 2011 Ice Storm here. Around an inch of ice in Centra Indiana with 4 inches of sleet April 19th Severe Weather/Tornado Outbreak Very Hot/Humid Summer with a record 23 consecutive 90 plus days in Indy from Mid July to Early August. July 20th 98 degrees 79 dew point 116 heat index was highest of decade and highest I can remember here. Summer 2011 had 42 90 days and 2 100s. Most since 1988 2012 Record shattering warm March. 70s and 80s from mid to late month Very Hot and Dry Summer. June 2012 registered .09 inches of rain in Indy. Heat wave from late June to much of July was probably my favorite event of the 2010s. 10 100 degree days here with 106 reached on the 6th and 7th. Extreme to exceptional drought covered much of the state by early August. 51 90 degree days at Indy. December 26th Post Christmas Blizzard Dec 26th Only Blizzard Warning I remember issued for my county. 7-10 inches around Central and S Central Indiana 2013 March 24-25th Snow Storm 9.1 inches at Indy April 18-19 Flood November 17th Tornado Outbreak 2014 Extreme January/February January 5th Polar Vortex Storm Around 13 inches at my house with 3 ft drifts January 6th Extreme cold temps as low as 15 below here with 45 below wind chills Clipper Parade and more extreme cold shots late month February 4-5 Winter Storm Valentines Day Storm 2015 Snowy cold February/very early March Wet Summer. July was Indys wettest month on record at 13.15" 2016 August 24th Surprise Tornado Outbreak 2017 Warmth of mid to late February. A String of 60s and a 70 degree day 2018 March 24th Snow Storm. 10.1 inches at NWS Indy. My area was the bullseye with 12.2 inches. Rates of 2-3 inches an hour early to late afternoon that day Tale of 2 months 3rd coldest April in Indy on record. 57/37 was the average high and low that month. Pattern changed suddenly and drastically on the 30th. Morning low was in the mid 30s and afternoon highs mid 70s. May 2018 was Indys warmest on record 83/62 for average highs and lows. Every day of the month above 70 degrees with a record 25 days in the 80s. 90s came around memorial day weekend. 95 degrees on Memorial Day. Probably my favorite spring of the decade 2019 January 12th Snow Storm. First Winter Storm Warning in Indy since March 1st 2015. A decent storm with 7-8 inches
  5. nice. Even though it wouldn't happen here Id like to see it verify
  6. One of the rare times Im in the sweet spot. I'll take it. Reminds me some of the 3/24/2018 storm
  7. anyone else notice that one in Iowa that's been showing negative 20 something lol?
  8. It wasnt Monroe. I know theirs was high all day too. I believe I saw it in central lower Mich south of Lansing. Probably was another sensor that was off
  9. I saw a dew point of 86 in lower Michigan. Dont really know if it's legit but still crazy
  10. 79 degree dew point in Indy now. Highest it's been since July 20, 2011. Remember that day as well. It was at the time 97 with 79 dew heat index 115
  11. Cant remember too many really hot summers following a very wet spring or June. 2011? Only one that is coming to mind right now. 2010 was a wet June but spring as a whole wasnt too much above average rain wise. Here in Indy in 2011 we had 42 90 degree days and a few 100s
  12. Another one right behind it. Makes me think of April 3 74 Tanner Al and Henryville 2012
  13. that last scan probably had the most impressive couplet