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  1. Same. Where I'm at in a west suburbs of Indy it hasn't rained at all since June 13th. Wish I could see good storms with constant lightning again. Feels like we always miss the fun
  2. Yah indys been the ultimate rain shield.
  3. Its 99 at my place now. Also it hasn't rained in my location at all since June 13th
  4. Happens to us in Indy all the time too. Sucks
  5. Same in Indy. 93 both today and yesterday. Next week I believe will be hotter especially after having no rain for a while
  6. I'm in Indy and yah was wondering why it didn't get much hotter. I swear its just weird here sometimes. Still July 20, 2011 was most intense heat humidity combo I've seen and remembered. It was like 98 at one point with 79 dew point
  7. Yep it was definitely beautiful. For sure the biggest weather flip I remember seeing in Indy ever. 3rd coldest April to warmest May. February 07 to March 07 it was extreme too if I remember right. We all know early April had that killer freeze though
  8. 2018 was awesome. Went from crap weather forever March and April then on April 30th it suddenly changed to the mid 70s and from then on never went back. May 18 in Indy was warmest on record. I think every days highs were 72 degrees or higher
  9. I agree. This sucks. I miss when we'd get 70 75 sunny days in April like normal.
  10. Funny all this southern trending and down here in Indy nobody even talking about it lol. I mean I'm not expecting much either but the freezing rain looks like a bigger deal
  11. We're looking at freezing rain definitely. Down by you who knows lol
  12. Maybe it's finally my time here in Indy lol.
  13. January 2009 in Kentucky was worst ice storm I've seen since following weather. I'm 31 years old so not too old. Wasn't in it but here in Indy we got over a foot of snow.
  14. I mean both u guys are getting a ton of snow lol. Whats to complain about?
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