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  1. anyone else notice that one in Iowa that's been showing negative 20 something lol?
  2. It wasnt Monroe. I know theirs was high all day too. I believe I saw it in central lower Mich south of Lansing. Probably was another sensor that was off
  3. I saw a dew point of 86 in lower Michigan. Dont really know if it's legit but still crazy
  4. 79 degree dew point in Indy now. Highest it's been since July 20, 2011. Remember that day as well. It was at the time 97 with 79 dew heat index 115
  5. Cant remember too many really hot summers following a very wet spring or June. 2011? Only one that is coming to mind right now. 2010 was a wet June but spring as a whole wasnt too much above average rain wise. Here in Indy in 2011 we had 42 90 degree days and a few 100s
  6. Another one right behind it. Makes me think of April 3 74 Tanner Al and Henryville 2012
  7. that last scan probably had the most impressive couplet
  8. Of course the weather channel is just showing their stupid shows. Looks like they all took the night off
  9. The hook got stronger as soon as it passed 75
  10. that supercell is really about to become a monster.