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  1. zinski1990

    List your Strongest Tornadoes ever

    Xenia I always thought was overrated. Yes, it was a bad violent tornado but it seems to me to be of similar strength like 2007 Greensburg. I still think though its deserving of its f5 ranking
  2. zinski1990

    List your Strongest Tornadoes ever

    1- Philadelphia Ms 4/27/2011 2 ft ground scouring with fast moving tornado. The structures it did hit were wiped out. Seems to be a forgotten tornado and I always wondered what it would have done if hitting more populated areas like others that day. 2- Brandenburg Ky 4/3/74 Maybe the most extreme structural damage to well built homes I've heard from a tornado. In my view strongest ef5 of the outbreak. 3- Smithville Ms 4/27/2011 Narrow but extreme swath of structures wiped clean with pipes twisted. SUV thrown into water tower. 4- 5/3/99 Moore Bridge Creek. Highest recorded wind speed. 5- 5/27/97 Jarrell TX. Thought about it being higher but held off due to its extreme slow movement. Still impressive as we all know. 6- 4/26/91 Andover Homes wiped clean trailer park blown apart. 7- 4/27/11 Hackleburg Phil Campbell AL. 70 plus deaths while only hitting small towns or rural areas. Longest stretch of EF5 damage I've seen. 8- Udall Ks 5/25/55. Much of the town leveled with numerous concrete buildings blown apart. Extreme scouring and vehicle damage. Trucks wrapped around debarked trees similar to 5/3/99. An often forgotten tornado I think. 9- 3/3/66 Jackson Ms. Extreme damage to large buildings including concrete church, pavement scouring, steel girders mangled. 10- 5/22/11 Joplin Wide swath of homes wiped clean, tractor trailer tossed half a mile. Concrete parking slabs blown put of pavement. 11- 5/24/11 El Reno Piedmont Ok. Extreme debarking, vehicle damage, scouring, and oil tank tossed a mile. Was a debate on where to put this one since it didn't hit many other structures. 12- 4/4/77 Birmingham AL. Homes blown away with basements partly blown away with outer walls ripped apart. Large trucks thrown. 13- 4/3/74 Tanner AL Homes wiped clean with well pump sucked out. Extreme cases of scouring. 14- 5/11/70 Lubbock. Very heavy fertilizer tanks thrown and major structural damage to high rise building. 15- 5/31/85 Niles Wheatland. Large shopping center destroyed. Factory blown apart with metal girders mangled or blown. Intense scouring. 16- Rainsville 4/27/11. Underrated and extreme tornado with possibly some of the most intense suction vertices recorded. 800 lb safe blown away. Extreme debarking and scouring. Concrete porches and parts of foundations torn apart. Storm Shelter partially sucked out of ground. 17- 4/16/98 Forgotten F5 Tenn. Intense ground scouring, few structures it did hit produced extreme damage with homes completely wiped clean. 18- 4/3/74 Guin Al. Similar tornado to 2011 Phil Campbell Hackenberg. Homes wiped clean with foundations dislodged. EF5 Throughtout much of its path. 19- 3/13/90 Hesston Ks. Wiped clean homes with basements remaining also with damage. Cars thrown considerable distances. Industrial buildings blown apart. 20- 6/13/76 Jordan Iowa. Farms blown away without recognition. Extreme damage to farmhouses wiped clean. Honorable mentions or questionable rating ones- 5/20/13 Moore Ok. 4/26/91 Red Rock, 4/27/11 Tuscaloosa, 5/31/13 El Reno, and 4/11/65 Palm Sunday Dunlap Indiana
  3. I remember a long time ago seeing a forum like this on another site. Cant find it anywhere now. Anyways since spring and severe weather season is coming what are your thoughts on the strongest tornadoes in American History? Preferably 1950 to present day but you can list older ones as well. Obviously just take into consideration all factors (violence, wind speed, upward motion, damage, etc). Try and make it a Top 10 list or if you really want to try and do Top 20. Think this could be a nice change of pace as I like to throw out unique forum discussions. Thank you. I'll have my list out later. Would like to see what anyone else has for a while
  4. zinski1990

    Winter 2018-19 Grade Thread

    D+ here in Indy. Only good storm was Jan 12th. Next weeks storm was terrible. Much of day 33 rain and all frozen precip was north and bulk of it in def band was south and east. Then a ton of other crap 1-2 inchers with rain after. The "polar vortex" wasnt too memorable here at all -10 -35 windchill at its peak with just a dusting on the ground. Doesn't even hold a candle to the 2014 arctic blast. I guess I could say being 10 below with no snow was kind of impressive but what's the fun in that? Then tons of missed to the north and most recently today south. I dont think we even hit 20 inches for the season when we average about 26 27 inches. Indy is just a thread the needle place in winter. It's not often it seems we cash in on the bigger storms. Oh well. Spring is my favorite season and I'm ready for it. Bring on 70 80s and storm chances
  5. zinski1990

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I feel your pain here in indy. I mean just look at the NAM it literally has heavy snow just north and south and east of here. It's like the ultimate soul crushing dry slot from central Illinois to where I'm at.
  6. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Used to it Big snowstorms hate indy
  7. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    same here. It's like us in central Indiana have no idea what's coming
  8. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Cant wait for this storm to be over. It's crazy how the short range and hi res models plus nam are inconsistent now closer we get. One of those surprise storms where something not on the models will happen now cast events
  9. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    It's an interesting call for us in Indy area. We really need a big storm bad. Kind of bummed feeling good about this all week for it to turn into this typical I70 game again
  10. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    makes no sense lol it better get fixed by 0z runs
  11. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    GFS looking better. So glad to see
  12. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    much better run good to see
  13. zinski1990

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    They look better than last night. I get The mid range gfs op gaffes that always happens. The NAM in long range lol we all know it was comical. EURO and Canadian I think have been most consistent models.