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  1. April 2018 General Discussion

    Yes I do remember looking at record reports in up of Michigan where I'm originally from. Marquette hit upper 70s one day avg high around that time there is 35 so they were 40 degrees above average. Some interior areas like iron mountain hit 80 which was unheard of in upper Michigan in March. Here in indy i remember hitting 83 84 a few times obviously records here as well.
  2. April 2018 General Discussion

    Looks like finally this terrible weather pattern is about to be over. More ridging showing up across our half of the country. Looking so forward to consistent temps in 70s and 80s
  3. April 2018 General Discussion

    Yah 2012 was amazing. The craziest thing I remember was some areas in the up already had records broke at midnight only to be obliterated later by 20 some degrees
  4. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Better not be another trough next weekend. So sick of this crappy weather. Tired of baseball games practices being cancelled or being held in 45 degrees with a breeze. Don't think I've ever seen a pattern last this long and of course it's always weather nobody wants. Why couldn't this come in winter? It's like winters are calm storms missing everyone to south then to above normal temps with ugly spring every year
  5. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    It's like weather gods hate the great lakes and Ohio valley this year
  6. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    Crazy storm. Been a while since Wisconsin and central Michigan have had a big winter storm.
  7. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Yah it does seem that the most extreme summers tend to have had decent but short lived cool downs. But only to ramp right back up again to intense heat. Really if you think about it the true extreme hot summers in midwest to the east coast were 1896, 1901, 1930, 33, 34, 36, 53, 54 77, 80, 83, 88, 95, 99, 02, 07, 10, 11, and 12 to this point. The three summers in a row of 2010, 2011, and 2012 were the hottest summers I've experienced
  8. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    I can take highs here in indy in upper 50s low 60s definitely. Anything but crappy highs in the 40s. Things are looking up. I just think it will be a really hot summer. 1936 and 83 were both similar years with March and Aprils being ugly
  9. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Watch us go from this terrible pattern and suddenly switch to long duration 70s 80s.
  10. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    We better get a amazing stretch of weather in May with 70s 80s long duration after this terrible 2 months of weather. Stupid negative nao go away and show up in dec Jan Feb like you're supposed to.
  11. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    This is the worst spring weather ever. Really hope May is just total opposite I don't care if it's straight to summer. That's probably what will happen anyway
  12. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Yah things are looking up. Mid month it looks to finally change can't wait
  13. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Any thoughts on pattern change beginning mid month? Seeing some indications finally this terrible pattern goes away
  14. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    This Greenland block had to come when nobody wanted it. Why couldn't it have locked in Dec Jan Feb? Can' wait for the pattern to change. It will be amazing when it does
  15. Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    Imagine if more places saw quicker clearing and temps widespread in upper 70s low 80s