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  1. Watch it pan out like that too. I swear I think Central In and Il are in a snow shield. Never seen an area have snow around them in each direction as much as our areas
  2. Better than me. I got 33 34 degree cold rain that storm
  3. It's sad that us in the southern parts of the forum have this little confidence
  4. Yah like that will ever happen. Probably sail north again or fall apart before
  5. Man that's so our luck it's not even funny anymore
  6. Same. I swear I feel sometimes we just get left out lol.
  7. You guys are all so lucky. Tired of storms missing us down here or looking good then suddenly sailing east 3 days out
  8. Seems like central Indiana is in freezing rain zone right now.
  9. My favorite still is the Pre Christmas 2004 Ohio Valley Storm. Somewhat forgotten and there's not a ton of info and past articles about it. Being in western Indy we got 10 to 12 inches. Areas just south and south east easily foot and a half to some areas in southern parts of the state approaching 3 feet. My 2nd favorite storm was the polar vortex winter storm of early Jan 14
  10. Obviously today was a terrible day. Deadliest day so far of pandemic in US and it's going higher than estimates were showing
  11. Pretty much. We've been screwed for like 5 years now. Really painful. I miss winters in the 2000s and 13-14 bad
  12. Once again central indiana shafted. Low literally goes north than turns over us
  13. Damn. Well at least its something. Typical Indiana. Storm kind of reminding me of GHD 2011 in terms of track and precip types. Obviously it's not as intense as that but still