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  1. Might have to extend this to July Heat Wave lol. Look at the ridge over a week from now. 597 to 600 heights
  2. Yah it really was quite a streak. Louisville which often is hotter there longest streak was like 21 so yah pretty amazing
  3. Indys longest 90 plus streak is 24 days. From mid July to August 9the 2011 remember well
  4. Be something if those region wide dews well into the 80s verified starting next weekend lasting til end of the run. GFS often has that bias but dont remember seeing that long duration consistently modeled
  5. Be nice if this Spring was like 2018. Crap cool/cold April followed by sudden extreme pattern change last day of April into May with 70s 80s and 90s rest of the way. Remember Indy that year had 3rd coldest April on record followed by warmest May ever.
  6. Non stop storms forming north of Lake Pontchartrain and West Louisiana moving into same areas. Crazy
  7. Wonder how far away debris is raining right now? Like 60 miles away probably
  8. Its very rare. I do remember Henryville on 3/2/2012 had it with 2 back to back warnings and tornadoes. Only one I can think of right now
  9. More development behind all this wow
  10. Reminds me of March 2, 2012. Henryville Supercells back to back
  11. Last time that happened I believe was May 22, 2004. Day of the Hallam tornado
  12. That had to be the most intense couplet Ive seen since 2011