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  1. Some place in Illinois. I think maybe Taylorville hit 113.
  2. I'm looking forward to it. This has definitely been the worst storm season ever so far
  3. Copic has to be the most extreme risk taking chaser I've ever seen
  4. I'm guilty of calling bust many times but this one is just starting lol.
  5. Exactly. Wasnt a fan when the SPC introduced the 5 level system
  6. Yep. It seems now that enhanced risk days are the new high. Idk. Just remember before the spc added the marginal and enhanced it's been like this
  7. Man this busted so bad. I swear the SPC has had a bad streak since like 2014 with high risks
  8. It would be funny if it shifted back nw like the last system did though. I'll honestly be fine with a few inches of snow to add on before the pattern breaks
  9. They'll adjust it at last minute like always. I swear they just hug the crappy gfs op
  10. That comment earlier u said after that one post about the high pressure placement. You said this seals it it's coming north now lol. You were sarcastic but probably right lol
  11. I'm rooting for u man. It's our turns now
  12. I know theres more. Most never or rarely post though. I think generally the southern side of the forums members are quiter and just lurk more
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