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  1. It would be funny if it shifted back nw like the last system did though. I'll honestly be fine with a few inches of snow to add on before the pattern breaks
  2. They'll adjust it at last minute like always. I swear they just hug the crappy gfs op
  3. That comment earlier u said after that one post about the high pressure placement. You said this seals it it's coming north now lol. You were sarcastic but probably right lol
  4. I'm rooting for u man. It's our turns now
  5. I know theres more. Most never or rarely post though. I think generally the southern side of the forums members are quiter and just lurk more
  6. Cause it's not in Chicago. You all know it's true
  7. I knew already about the sleet factor but yah it always feels like they're using 30 to 1 ratios in every storm no matter the temp lol.
  8. I know those are often ridiculous but why are they like that? Any reason
  9. I still cant believe theres 2 major storms back to back like this. Never seen something like that
  10. Definitely liking the looks tonight for us Central Indiana guys. About time things improve for us closer to an event instead of fall apart
  11. Take a look right now. The high is already too strong on what models were showing
  12. Let's just go with the GFS v16 and Euro. F the op gfs I swear.
  13. Nice. Why is the GFS Op always bad at 18z?
  14. Yah I cant remember the last time Indy issued a Watch so early. They're usually slower than everyone lol
  15. GFS progressive bias in mid range. Always happens it seems
  16. The Euro looks good. Were lucky that were in a neg pna. Southeast ridge is saving it from being another southern slider
  17. I'll give it another day or so. If it doesn't trend back nw I'll give up.
  18. I'd be good for the next few winters if that happens.
  19. We always miss. What happened yesterday and last night with 2 waves of snow north and south of us was so typical of us
  20. Why no thread for wed thur? If this was another Chicago points north storm this forum be hot right now