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  1. Very solid NW then N wobble over the last couple hours. Not gonna matter in this case but was interesting to see him pull such a hard left wobble.
  2. I'm doing just fine. Great video and the wind is just insane. Theres one gust on there that just has no words to describe. Pretty amazing chase for you. That brings me to my next question. Would you have chased had you known it was 185mph and what's your limit? Not just wind speed but infrastructure, threat of civil unrest afterwards, and topography.
  3. To be honest I was one of those that was fearing the worst. The surge alone was so jaw dropping that the fear was could you find high enough ground. Of course you had and were safe but when the stories of 20+ foot surges and the videos of it started coming out the concern was real.
  4. Very comfortable day here today. Cloudy low 80s and a stiff cool NE breeze. I'll take it.
  5. If their reporting is accurate then this is just a horrible situation.
  6. Just looking st some snapchat videos at abaco and noticed there was a cruise ship sailing around the southern part of the island full of people having a blast. Impervious to humanitarian crisis going on 50 miles away.
  7. Anyone find it sad that the bahamian officials are saying not all the dead died due to the storm? Perhaps some social unrest as thats been reported as well. Horrible situation.
  8. We were at 21 tornadoes this year so that put us at an elevated risk according to this theory and of course we had a landfall.
  9. The pamlico sound is a unique beast. The wind tides can literally drain one side while the water pushes up the rivers and then when the winds change direction it cons rushing back. Theres a great video from hurricane of this effect happening. Perhaps the landfall call was based on pressure? The HH found 959 just before it reached hatteras but then hatteras recorded a 957mb. Maybe they assume the HH messed the center directly and that hatteras had a lower pressure thus had the center pass them over?
  10. Hrrr can keep offshore but he keeps getting closer and closer and if there isnt a decent shift soon landfall looks likely.
  11. These tornados are quite large for a tropical system. Usually you get these spin ups but these look serious.
  12. I'm 68 miles NNW from morehead city. If the center passes over MHX and cape lookout with the size of that eye I should only be 30 to 40 miles from the eyewall maybe? Looking at gusts to 65 per my TS warnings. Track, windfield and any wind max like a lot of models show are all going to have to come together for this to be a big storm this far inland.
  13. shaggy


    My TS states 40-50 with gusts to 65. Going to be interesting to see how it approaches the coast.