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  1. Yeah I see that now. say that's where most of my photos are now. it was 99 with a HI of 121 on my weather station
  2. The 6z 3knam has a decent line of storms at hour 20 moving through so I hope it's right.
  3. This is just miserable weather. The humidity seems to be getting me this year. I've done 60 hours straight this week at work and have 12 more to go tonight and the warehouse has been running in mid to.upper 90's.
  4. Yeah my backyard system says 82 here with a HI of 91 already
  5. never saw a HI below 83 last night at pgv
  6. Temp is 81 with HI of 86 at 12:50am obs at PGV
  7. My back yard accurite station is at 93 with a HI of 115 already today. The humidity is brutal.
  8. 86 / 77 hi 97.....gonna feel like 100 by 11 or 1130 this morning
  9. 85/75 HI 92 at 930am
  10. Storm looking really good again
  11. Not sure of the accuracy its posted six feet off the ground but not in the shade.
  12. 95/75 =107 here. my backyard accurite says 98 with a HI of 117
  13. gfs trying to bring the storm back in the long range.
  14. HI is still at 88 at midnight.......is it fall yet?