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  1. Might be one of the biggest pressure drops in history. Anyone have the stats on that?
  2. Dang https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/sat/satlooper.php?region=15W&product=vis_swir
  3. Guam and Rota dodged a bullet as blohaven has exploded after passing by the islands. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/sat/satlooper.php?region=15W&product=ir
  4. Should see it drop fast as the winds rotate to the SW. Couldn't have come quick enough as they were approaching major flood stage downtown with a 6.69 foot level......major starts at 7 feet
  5. Been gusting into the 40s for 5 or 6 hours with maybe a few touching 50.
  6. Need that center to tuck a little west under that convection
  7. Hi res are all more cape fear to lookout globals more over bogue banks to obx
  8. Seems to be 2 camps. Hi res models are much stronger and show a stronger capture with the west turn before releasing it north. All show a potential hurricane. Globals don't show as much of a capture or as strong of a system
  9. I believe Gustav 2004 also quickly developed as it moved onshore SC. Nothing suggest anything similar here though
  10. In this situation the hybrid or ST will likely bring bigger impacts to larger areas of the coast versus a true TD/TS. Gfs has a decent area of gale force winds up the southeast coast far away from the center
  11. Icon coming in the furthest east at 12 with a weak low with the strongest winds displaced far to the north. Certainly not a fully tropical look to it was
  12. 0z Hafs-A is coming in south of 18z by a good but. At 18z it was just about to hit 23N and now at the same time frame its just about to hit 22N so almost 1 whole degrees.......if my tired eyes are reading it right
  13. Gefs spread really opened up again threatening the NE even more again. Also did I see the hafs-A jump almost an entire degree south at 0z out to 75hrs
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