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  1. Havent broke 32 yet with the snow cover. Overnight low was 20 but our forecast high was 40. Will be intrested in what we crash to tonight.
  2. Very photogenic. Classic paste bomb that stuck to trees and encased them in snow.
  3. Yea sitting here at PGV with individual model maximums all around me. Some south some north some west......who knows.
  4. Mhx is saying all rain all day tomorrow for their NW counties. Either they are way off or the tools they use are showing then what we cant see. As of 250 PM Wednesday...The calm before the storm on Thursday. Low pressure develops off the northeast Florida coast and moves offshore well to our SE while strengthening Thursday. NAM3km/HRRR shows light rain returning to the CWA by mid-morning Thursday with steady light rain continuing through the daylight hours. Top- down ensemble precipitation type tool indicates that ptype should remain liquid through 00z and surface temperatures remain at 36 degrees or higher over the northwestern corner of the CWA and closer to 40 degrees elsewhere. Highs will likely occur around midday with slowly falling afternoon temperatures. N/NE winds will remain gusty on Thursday.
  5. I've always hated the SREF but if there was ever a time I'm pulling for it then it's right now with this system.
  6. I had 12 in the 2010 storm. Defitniely not accurate.
  7. Never been a huge fan of this but it has me right close to that mix line but just north of it during the heavier stuff. I am hoping the nam is too high with the warm nose based on it's closer approach with the low.
  8. What about PGV? We are flirting with that mix line hard.
  9. My hope is that as the MHX office says the nam is just too close to the coast with the low. If that can be another 40 to 50 miles south dropping that warm nose back to the southern coastal plains then central eastern coastal plains get more snow less mixing. This is one time we need the low to blend with the amped nam and the suppressed euro and meet in the middle.
  10. Which oddly was what what the euro was showing first. Very odd to see everything trend to the euro then the euro drop it. Ninja'd ^^^^
  11. Best look of the year. Agreement and consistency between the models is huge and we are slowly gaining some agreement. Now we need to work on consistency.
  12. Went from 81 at the 12:15 obs to 63 an hour later.
  13. Theres plenty of big dog coastal lows on the ensemble. I'll take the state wide 2+ footer. That member is just pure eye candy.
  14. I believe the snowfall maps showed nothing at all for us. EDIT: yup nothing