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  1. Missed on a hot April as it was quite normal around these parts.
  2. Coming up on the 10th anniversary of this thread starting and the numbers still support the correlation.. The more tornados the higher the hurricane threat. That being said the ncdc severe reports site I use hasnt updated in a while. What's my best source for looking for confirmed tornadoes in 2021?
  3. Wpac about to crank out a big one that will luckily miss land.
  4. Luckily it won't hit anything but theres a 140kt beast in the Indian ocean.
  5. Yeah the 12k nam 63 hour sounding over our neck of the woods is just bad. Hope its wrong.
  6. Yeah gonna be a big hit for Fiji. Hopefully the eye passes between the islands but either way it looks like someone takes the eyewall of a 130+kt cyclone.
  7. Yeah forecast to peak at 140kts and landfall at around 120kts. Gonna be a bad hit for Fiji.
  8. Fiji looks to be on the receiving end of a cat 3 landfall in a couple of days if the track forecast holds.
  9. Been a relatively quiet season over there but newly formed typhoon looks to approach the Philippines as a strong cat 4 in a few days.
  10. Hrrr has shifted highest winds eastward in NC and now gets me right at 60mph gusts when earlier today it had me low to mid 40s.
  11. Not too shabby 5 hours post landfall
  12. Big flare up over the eastern core as it moves inland
  13. Most models keep me dry with really strong 925mb winds over central and eastern NC. If we get some sun and breaks in the clouds to aid mixing then we arent out of the woods here either.