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  1. Morning low of 58 and a high of 82 today. That's a perfect Sept day
  2. Models can't get it right in 10 days, let alone 60
  3. Quoted here because I posted in the wrong thread Thank you @yotaman for setting me straight
  4. .38 here while just to my north had an inch or more Currently it's 80 and sunny while those a couple miles to my north are getting heavy rain
  5. Yes. It's a weather board, where weather is discussed. Shocking concept I know
  6. edit to add: Davidk....if you have a problem send me a dm
  7. The NWS New Orleans is saying the cause is flash flooding
  8. I can't believe Humphress camera is still running
  9. Well I'm watching it as I'm typing this
  10. I can't believe the severe studios cam is still operating. It' looks like it's about to be under water
  11. Do better and stop whining
  12. It's called read more and post less
  13. 150mph cat 4 Just 7mph short and 50 miles to go
  14. Sometimes just a little patience is needed for it all to come together
  15. I would like to thank all the black ops ninja's for the awesomeness the past few days. It is appreciated
  16. You really need a disclaimer weenie tag
  17. Or maybe you should stop with the misogynistic attitude
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