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  1. Praying for you bud. Praying for your friends and family affected.
  2. Matthew is awesome. I would take his input ANY time over Bastardi. J/S...
  3. There is always March 1960 analog to hang our hats on. LMAO!
  4. It looks like this round of runs is not showing any potential. Super quiet in here. Wish we had something to track yall. SMH...
  5. This far out, it is a good look. The problem is...it is the 8-10 day conundrum, which we cannot get past. Tomorrow, it will be gone again. GRRR...
  6. The models must REALLY be in TORCH MODE, because there has been NO activity at all in this thread today. LOL
  7. For those feeling the angst of a SH!TTY winter so far, just remember that the Winter of 1960 in North Carolina went SNOWLESS until Mid Feb of that year. The record for TOTAL Snowfall in a season was broken in Charlotte, NC. It snowed on February the 14th and then another lull until March 2nd, where the snowgates opened up and it snowed back to back to back. They ended up with 27" overall, which is way higher than the average 4-6 b/s we see. Just giving some food for thought that winter is not always over until April, etc.
  8. This REALLY sucks that we have nothing to correspond about in the mid to long term discussion. Is there ANYTHING promising wintery weather wise?
  9. The Carolinas need to keep an eye on ULL development. Correct? This setup can really spawn one. Especially the counties adjacent to the Mountains. Just saying that this needs to be watched until the system has totally passed through. No weenie hope here. Just stating my two pennies based on past history, climatology, etc: http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/2/
  10. It looks like there is a little backside action filling in on radar. You all may get an hour or two of snow before it moves out...
  11. It is all hyped up from the Traffic debacle last year (or the year before?). We all cannot win for losing in our respective area(s). This is undoubtedly the toughest regions to forecast for snow. Hope all is well man!
  12. Looks like some of the models are showing light to moderate frontal snow event. If I am not mistaken, these types of systems favor more of the eastern areas of the carolinas and the areas west of 85 seem to get the screw zone with snow, etc. Will be interesting to see how this evolves...
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