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  1. Verbatim that hooks inside 40/70, dabenchmark 40/70 is grammar school for DCA - BOS with a bombing cyclone in the mid latitudes. Occlusion in southern NE (Long Island Sound) is high school
  2. Pretty classic look for the MA crew at day 4, I would be prepping the clearing equipment 95 north of Richmond to NYC, particularly areas east of the Interstate. While we (SE) like Central FL or even GA, this is textbook with near term correction for your areas. Inside the benchmark with occlusion still on the table. Chase watch hoisted.
  3. Does this count as a lollipop? Code on a hydrant is 18” above grade center cap.
  4. Ended up being a 27hr chase gate to gate from Greenville NC, required application of knowledge learned both in the mid Atlantic over the past 10-15 years punching some of the larger events on record and new things learned out in the PAC NW over the past two years, specifically wheel chains which I purchased for required areas out there and used on the rear for our drive down 1 to Ladysmith, we left about 430pm yesterday. VA law notes tire studs, chain info seems to be prohibited per law unless conditions warrant them in season but still unsure. And that’s with a 4x4 truck, it was rough. 9am 12pm 3pm ~14” with >1.5” liquid equivalent, heavy and wet with the pivot main deform supporting improved ratios after 11am
  5. I'm in Birmingham this week and next for work, not a big SVR guy, prefer heavy snow, but somewhat concerned and at he same time a little pumped for what may be my 2nd time ever in a Day 1 High risk. The Boran model posted earlier is a private model from my understanding, based on the WRF and around a 2km res through 60hrs. The precip plots from the ECMWF strongly indicates discrete and long tracked cells.
  7. High res precip, widespread 2 to 3 tenths with locally more.
  8. Look at your 500mb vorticity evolution preferably on a site like Nexlab where you can slide the panels back and forth. There’s an 850 too, would like to see it more tucked in to the coast which means H5 needs to sharper and tune a little sooner.
  9. First run I have seen with some snow in NE NC through 57hrs, ~1” using Kuchera and 2” on stock 10:1.
  10. Watch us get the coastal but miss out on boundary layer temps. I just don’t see how it will be cold enough for anything but rain, height falls in whatever semblance of a conveyer are not sharp enough.
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