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  1. One could dream but GFS likes to play with our emotions doesn’t it.
  2. Tornadoes and Damaging Winds are the primary risks with this Severe Wx Event.
  3. Apparently the tornado that hit Bassfield might break a record that has stood since 2013.Damage swath is 4 miles wide on I-59 at Heidelberg, Miss. MM 115-119. Tornadic wind damage is extensive but there are numerous extreme damage paths about 100-200 yards wide that criss cross each other. Mature pine forests chewed to the ground.
  4. This is the most active it’s been by far!
  5. Based on recent radar and environmental data, a violent tornado with potential peak winds of 170 to 205 mph (EF4-EF5) is likely ongoing. THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE EVENT.
  6. I’m getting concerned with the lack of convection that the models showed developing across Southern Texas
  7. This will be interesting for me to experience as I live in SE NC
  8. Anyone else anxiously awaiting the 1730z outlook?
  9. Try Historical.I have a feeling that this will be the worst tornado outbreak in history for the US.The models show no convection in the morning and just insane parameters which will setup a worst case scenario.
  10. It might sound like a dumb question but why can’t they issue a Day 3 High Risk
  11. This is what we've been waiting for! The GFS has FINALLY almost mirrored the ECMWF's trend regarding a possible severe thunderstorm outbreak this coming Sunday across the Gulf Coast states. Both models show incredible dynamics & sufficient CAPE. This is it!
  12. Which model do you think is more accurate?
  13. Latest Euro model run shows the set up to be almost exactly like April 27th 2011. The deep low (992mb) is forecast to move just south of St Louis, along with a neutral/negative tilted trough. PDS soundings are now screaming all over the south for Sunday.
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