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  1. Pics & video.. (LINK).. Hail falls across several counties in the Cape Fear Region (
  2. Rain/Hail & Thunder.. My Mater plants/ beans got the Smack down today, May no survive Round #2.. (currently).. Not very often you experience HAIL here, Pea & ping pong sized, on/in SENC on the beaches.. At least the Pollen has been "cleaned" somewhat..
  3. Second Round of Rain/Thunder/Lighting & Hail, today.. I assume things broke the "Cap" quickly after this mornings storms.. Currently 63f Pressure 29.85 in Visibility 7 miles T~storm / lighting thunder & hail.. (again).. Special Marine Warning Issued Dew Point 51 F Humidity 61 % for the sportsmen here the First King was decked on Johnny Mercers pier.. this morning A 40 pound brute..
  4. 65/48 Thunder/lighting Rain & Hail..
  5. 49/74 here in Surf City.. Currently 69F Pressure 29.81 in Visibility 10 miles Clouds Partly Cloudy Dew Point 59 F Humidity 74 % Need alil rain to beat back the pollen..
  6. My STEP~Daughters (girlfriend ) reports Flakes/Flizzard down around "Pine Level?" area's ,, In the Johnston/S.Wake,, County.. Just a few, not enough too really even report?
  7. TEMP 30F Pressure 30.47 in Visibility 10 miles Clouds Clear Dew Point 25 F Humidity 90 %
  8. Infamous NW trend??? NOT.... Gonna............. Happen.. Swing & Miss
  9. I need a ARK ATM.. Living close to the sound, It looks to backing up into the streets.. Otherwise, 40 +/- F.. Under (very heavy returns) We get that "Fat Rain/White rain" temps dropping into the High 37/36 range.. Time too plant Muh Rice paddies..
  10. GFS hour 327, looks,, err interesting
  11. I reside right down the Road, from the scene above,, Massive light Show overnight.. (Thunder & Lighting)..
  12. Kinetic energy increases late tonight, diffluence aloft, elevated dewpoints and plenty column moisture, and eastward progressing bands of low-level convergence, should lead to convection crossing the area after midnight. SW winds near 50 kt in the 2-3 kft layer, and moderate CAPE bears a watch. The main axis of mean 0-3 km helicity will track along and west of I-95, but a secondary axis will lift north adjacent to the rising warm front, so there appears to be an isolated tornado risk after midnight but before daylight, as well as a localized straight-line wind hazard.. Link--> National Weather Service Text Product Display
  13. Start... Feb clash of dew points & temps..
  14. Dear MOD,, sry, I'm drinking.. i'm so sry.. at least We don't get ICE, ICE.. Baby.. (won't let me upload)..