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  1. Dern Frog Strangler here today.. (still coming down w/Heavy downpours).. Training T-storms,, Several inches in a few hours, still more to come.. The Last 2 weeks We've, ONLY had ONE DAY without measurable amounts of Rain.. Today driving down market Street Here in Porters Neck,, Driving @ 10 MPH, and couldn't even SEE the Road it was so heavy, pea sized Hail embedded.. 75/90's daytimes lows & highs..
  2. Today's hi 73º Today's lo 65º humidity 69% dew point 61.3º rainfall 0.00 in pressure 30.05 in Fair, Winds average S @ 15-mph
  3. Can I get a conformation? took a quick snip
  4. Two Tornados crossing Long bay headed up towards My Local..
  5. Storm(s) almost here.. I hear Thunder, Wind(s) picking up,, things are starting too rock...
  6. 'Howling" here on the Coast ATM.. (Seriously) Gale Warning..
  7. Lovin it excellent STT fishing, Mullet are starting to sho..
  8. 70's & 80s turning on the AC? .. WUT!
  9. I grabbed these for the upcoming event.. @DownEast Might be the Big Winner up His way.. We will, In SENC, (as always) have to get the great rates in order to overcome BL/warmnose Issues, get some sloppy white goodness.. (I have this tune in My head,, Slip, slip sliding away??
  10. Still up in the Air.. 12Z is running lets see what it brings..
  11. NWS calling for 32F & rain here on the immediate Coast for this event.. Looks great out in Fantasy Land though..
  12. We are used too it Don't worry..
  13. OH Holy, C**T,, BombOGenises! Coastal Low! WOOT! (and those other Panel(s)).. 4" to 6" here? OMG..