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  1. Reporting from "Rich's" Inlet.. (Scotts Hill on the ICW) Partly Cloudy.. BUT with HEAVY Dense FOG, (Sea Fog).. Wind(s) North @ 2mph Pressure 30.02 Temp 57F DP 61% Humidity 100% Surf must be pretty Signicant, I can hear it "pounding" all the way up here on "Da Hill".. Side Bar SurfChex is reporting these "Wind Gust's".. Today's peak wind gust 169 mph @ 3:18PM
  2. Down here on the *sound*, re; Rich's Inlet.... Winds steady 17 MPH Gusting over 35Mph.. Temp 48.0 ,, .06 in the bucket today.. Wind(s) are "howling",, I can hear the Surf pounding up here from INSIDE Muh house.. yikes!
  3. Ocean Effect snow upcoming? I've seen this before here on the Coast..
  4. My *new* address.. Scotts Hill - KNCWILMI137
  5. 97 currently @ the beach, (topsail) I've moved folks..
  6. All due respect @donsutherland1,, I caught NSW (National Weather Service) .. Lying on "wind Speeds" & gusts here in Wilmington.. Does NOAA LIE? In My no uncertain terms,, yes..
  7. I'm ashamed that NOAA AND By extension, the NWS, were in fact LIEING too the General Public, about Wind *Gust(s)* here in Wilmington/Carolina Beach & Federal Point areas.. .. I'm Ashamed that NOAA tossed their .10 cents into the Ring of Global Warming Hoax, "Climate Change" debacle.. YES TRUMP was Right .. Am I defending the President? NO though HE was in fact,, RIGHT, Get over it..
  8. Now Moderate Rain Squalls/ TS force winds in these Bands coming through.. Sustained 35 mph …… gusts--> 40
  9. Same as @downeastnc, Squalls moving through,, Winds have picked up just short of TS sustained,, 30 mph.. NO rain though,,, (yet)..
  10. Those Wind readings are VERY suspect, as in FALSE! We haven't had ANY *GUSTS* over 35 mph.. (exception for the Tornadic spin-ups).. Weather stations on the beach front haven't recorded anything over 23 mph..
  11. This band coming through ,, has NWS Tornado warnings going off like crazy.. yikes! Heavy Rain & lotsa lighting..