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  1. with temps in the Triple digits, w/ nearly 100% Humidity & Dews..
  2. We shall see, as I live in the area.. Checked the Models, certainly possible but highly unlikely..
  3. Today's hi 54º Today's lo 42º humidity 64% dew point 35.2º rainfall 0.00 in pressure 30.45 in
  4. BUT, I don't want the Electric Bill
  5. If this "materializes" should be great getting rid of iguanas ..
  6. Well,, This looks promising for, as of Now, 4~6 runs in a row now? (Similar too the 7~8th time frame that was showing "Snow" 7~8th timeframe, out 2 weeks ago?) -------------- (Country Song)------------------- Commence Hound Dog Howling about NO COLD.. ******* Models I loved & hugged You long ago,, You promised Me so much Snow,, Yet,, here,, on the Edge I sit,, Leaving melted tears of regret? First verse.. Carry ON.. 12Z..
  7. Front has just cleared the Coast.. Crazy Wind(s) at the surface Still from the SW~SSW into the 30's mph range.. Yet looking above, (watching & listening to the Sounds of Freedom, F-35's from Cherry Point, LeJune), Lower nimbus clouds Racing in from the North/NE (I guess at about 5000 feet).. It IS interesting getting, "extreme" winds from one direction, (SW~SSW) in the 30 mph range,,, while watching clouds going in the exact opposite direction (N~NNE).... Feels like MARCH outside.. Today's hi 64º Today's lo 43º humidity 44% dew point 41.4º rainfall 0.00 in pressure 29.92 in
  8. Feels like March outside ATM.. Wind(s) into the Mid-30's.. Today's hi 63º Today's lo 47º humidity 62% dew point 49.6º rainfall 0.00 in pressure 29.92 in
  9. Today's hi 70º Today's lo 63º humidity 92% dew point 60.6º rainfall 0.40 in
  10. 12Z GFS Special.. I-95 Special, literally
  11. Seems like the tune for the upcoming pattern..
  12. Model Runs "took our cold away" Com'on Baby Light My fire,,, Tunes are in order..
  13. Crazy, *Cold* ? Front about to come through,, ACTUALLY Raises Temps by 2 degrees , but lowers the Humidity & Dews..
  14. Dreary Cloudy kinda Day today here on the Coast.. Today's hi 66º Today's lo 60º humidity 82%