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    Sloop Point/Topsail Sound/ICW/Surf City/Topsail Island
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    Weather, (Of course!), FISHING, BOATING, Oystering & Crabbing/Clamming, Gardening, While NOT a Climate Change cult member, (It's just the Weather)..

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NOT,, a Climate Change "Cult" Member.. NOT a "Marxist".. NOT a "Green New Deal "activist"".. 

Just a down to EARTH Disabled VET, (US Army, 194th Armor Brigade, 5th/73rd CSC Co.) Whom also happens too have a Legally Blind Wife of 24 years.. Happily Married..

Common Sense Applies .. 

 Cognitive Co-Dependency is when a normal rational person, internalizes irrational illogical presentations, and somehow reconciles them to fit their scripted indoctrination of logical analysis.