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  1. What a NICE DAY on the Beaches.. High79º Low69º Humidity71%inch Dew Point65.8ºinch Rainfall 0.02 inch Pressure29.82 inch Winds.. NNE @ 11mph
  2. AF Recon Teal73 almost on the scene..
  3. NOAA43 departed Lakeland, now just leaving Fl. coastline
  4. Ya got that right..
  5. I thought it would be someone elses fault? isn't that how it ends? Asking for a friend.. Wishcasting a Cat 5 on Top on #NOLA,, complete Leeve Failures,, I jest..
  6. [quote]Ok, so my post responding to the crazy person ranting about climate change and the left was deleted, but that stays up. Nice storm mode.[/quote] I rather enjoyed His *RANT* coming from a retired COE,, It's called "Truth telling" & He's probably right..
  7. Not unless it's snake bites, gator attacks, Bull sharks , We just deal with it..
  8. Need to come to SENC after a cane... Ya'll are WEAK.. 2 weeks the NORM.. Country folks can survive & all that..
  9. I believe it's that New alien, Common Core Maff I've been hearing about? Anyhoo BOT.. Interesting Analyses, We here in SENC up too OBX Coast(s) have had, about our wettest Summer eva, and Lotsa QPF could be our demise,, Dennis/Floyd esq, type stuff,, In other words extreme flooding very possible.. If some of those Forecast tracks, come to pass..
  10. Can You pass My way, What your Smoking?
  11. Best bait too use catching trout.. It's going to be My first try this weekend.. (Gatlinburg,tenn areas)..
  12. Current Obs, just alil warm out..
  13. Roughly 2.0" of precip here in the ILM FA.. SENC/carolinas region.. 74/85.. light rain currently drought canceled..
  14. Most *Notable*, (In My book).. Report post Posted Sunday at 02:34 AM Hi! I’m so sorry to hear that he and his family endured such a horrible loss. I was born thirty years (1970) after your neighbor, in Wilmington, and have been a hurricane researcher from the time I experienced my very first hurricane eyewall in 1984 (Diana). Here’s a list of all known TS’ and H’s that have made a direct hit on Wilmington, NC (1940-2020): Dennis (1981) TS Storm 2 (1982) STS (offshore) Diana (1984) Cat 2 (eyewall) Gloria (1985) TS winds (H-offshore) Kate (1985) TS Hugo (1989) TS winds (H-SC landfall) Gordon (1994) TS winds (H-offshore) Opal (1995) TS winds (TS-west) Bertha (1996) Cat 2 (eye).. (I rode that one out on **Sheep Island** on the Lockwood Folly River..) Fran (1996) Cat 3 (eye) (I got "smart" & bought a generator).. Bonnie (1998) Cat 2 (eye) Floyd (1999) Cat 2 (eye) Charley (2004) Cat 1 (eye) Ophelia (2005) Cat 1 (eyewall) Ernesto (2006) TS/Cat 1 (eye) Matthew (2016) Cat 1 (eyewall) Florence (2018) Cat 1 (eye) Isaias (2020) Cat 1 (eye)
  15. Yes I've resided in Wilmington, since (forever),, anything after 1969.. My earliest memories, dob in the early 60's..
  16. 56/48 Light rain.. here on the beach's wonderful! BTW NO GAS down here!
  17. Pics & video.. (LINK).. Hail falls across several counties in the Cape Fear Region (wect.com)
  18. Rain/Hail & Thunder.. My Mater plants/ beans got the Smack down today, May no survive Round #2.. (currently).. Not very often you experience HAIL here, Pea & ping pong sized, on/in SENC on the beaches.. At least the Pollen has been "cleaned" somewhat..
  19. Second Round of Rain/Thunder/Lighting & Hail, today.. I assume things broke the "Cap" quickly after this mornings storms.. Currently 63f Pressure 29.85 in Visibility 7 miles T~storm / lighting thunder & hail.. (again).. Special Marine Warning Issued Dew Point 51 F Humidity 61 % for the sportsmen here the First King was decked on Johnny Mercers pier.. this morning A 40 pound brute..
  20. 65/48 Thunder/lighting Rain & Hail..
  21. 49/74 here in Surf City.. Currently 69F Pressure 29.81 in Visibility 10 miles Clouds Partly Cloudy Dew Point 59 F Humidity 74 % Need alil rain to beat back the pollen..
  22. My STEP~Daughters (girlfriend ) reports Flakes/Flizzard down around "Pine Level?" area's ,, In the Johnston/S.Wake,, County.. Just a few, not enough too really even report?
  23. TEMP 30F Pressure 30.47 in Visibility 10 miles Clouds Clear Dew Point 25 F Humidity 90 %
  24. Infamous NW trend??? NOT.... Gonna............. Happen.. Swing & Miss
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