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  1. Allan Huffman said no reason to change his maps from this afternoon yet
  2. Noticed that also he is being very careful bc next line he said is this line could shift and give people in Mauldin simpsonville fountain inn 3 to 6 but he got burned severely couple years back and he will not budge off that 85 corridor
  3. Love when news 4 Chris justice says mainly north of 85 but models show it south on his screen then says models show it south but not likely not even 5 miles south of it. Classic, just keep ticking a little south to give me a realistic shot at some white stuff
  4. Thanks Mackerel just trying to learn some and trying to get involved in convo but thanks for clearing that up for me just know it is hard as hell to get what we need around here lol
  5. Very weird to see nws-gsp even say south of mountains ⛰ could see the potential for storm. They always crush my hopes when I read there updates. But so far I’m happy where I sit this far out
  6. Well I see where Mr.justice just showed the euro vs the gfs and said things could get very interesting or we could have absolutely nothing but rain.
  7. Mack I'm in fountain inn and I'm hoping for the same brother