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  1. I'm off Brawley school road exit 35, wondering when and how much to expect... Since like 1pm lol
  2. Isn't it the upper level low? I was wondering the same
  3. While we are in a lull between models, being new to the area, I live in Mooresville. Is that considered NW Piedmont or I85 corridor. Thank you in advance!
  4. Do these high res NAMs account for sleet and freezing rain?
  5. State of emergency declared for NC. I don't know how late I am to that news, but I just read it
  6. Don't waste your time with nonsense posts.. Please continue the model analysis those who have access
  7. At this point I'd still weigh heavily on the FV3 for its amazing consistency and the Euro especially tonight's 00z run. It's king for a reason
  8. I would highly advise to not settle on the Nam till almost game time
  9. Holy crap. 1.39 freezing rain
  10. Are we beginning the radar hallucinations this early? Lol jk, hope it juices up big time
  11. They are good. But literally only good 3-6 hours out. They will jump all over the place this far out
  12. Pretty sure plumes are only good to follow 6 hours or so out from experience in northeast storms
  13. Quickly, maybe you or someone... I'm new down here, I hear piedmont a lot. I obviously know that Asheville/Boone is the mountains, what is the Piedmont, and the triad? I live in Mooresville Iredell County and it's hard for me to reference what locationa you all are referring too. Thanks everyone in advance
  14. Lol a winter storm watch is up for Mooresville area for 3-11" that's a helluva spread
  15. New to the forum... Is GSO Greensboro?