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  1. About 2 inches and still snowing in waxhaw
  2. Lol that 4 sitting right over my house. Would be more snow than I've got since 2014 even if only half sticks
  3. Tropical tidbits has hrrr
  4. Too early for pre emergant in Charlotte? Too late? Serious question.
  5. Maybe Mr Clyde was right
  6. Still showing too warm.south of 85 at surface
  7. I'm in that little hole SW of meck county with no snow
  8. Pics or it didn't happen
  9. I prefer Jamaica
  10. No one likes you.
  11. I'm with timbo Wilkes. No chance till after first week of Feb if at all. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. Buenos Aires ftw
  13. I prefer Jamaica
  14. Snow in Florida at 360
  15. For the sake of my work productivity and sleep I hope that storm goes away.