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  1. So mad I'm not at home in waxhaw. Sounds like it is getting it good. Snowing hard here in ballantyne too.
  2. Dry in ballantyne. Was snowing on way out here from the southeast
  3. You should watch those momo videos and pay attention.
  4. Ah ok I didnt know it went that low today. I do remember it snowing in Lancaster and Palmdale several times when I lived out there. That's a little higher up though
  5. I get what your saying but LA has mountains at 10k elevation. You can see snow on mountains from the beach on clear days in the winter. Assuming LA = Los Angeles.
  6. Snowing like crazy in waxhaw. Big flakes.
  7. I dont believe it. I just saw 4 snow flakes
  8. Rain/sleet in union county. Shocking, I know.
  9. What time is the second wave supposed to come through tomorrow
  10. Crazy. 33 and rain in waxhaw. Sleet probably mixing in some. No ice on anything. Just wer.