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  1. What an idiot. He could have drove a similar distance to Minneapolis or buffalo lol
  2. Im literally just above that yellow line in the greenish color. Should be interesting and probably rainy as usual
  3. Have there been any other storms where there was such a huge difference in models at 48 hours? Seems crazy to me.
  4. That damn warm nose in charlotte is like half a degree to warm at 800 mb, everything else below 0
  5. Looked better yesterday so yes i will stick with him in that 12z not off to good start (realize it is just one model so far)
  6. Not everyone lives in VA. Nam showing lots of mixing south of 85
  7. Blizzard on the gfs, stay warm boys
  8. So mad I'm not at home in waxhaw. Sounds like it is getting it good. Snowing hard here in ballantyne too.
  9. Dry in ballantyne. Was snowing on way out here from the southeast
  10. You should watch those momo videos and pay attention.
  11. Ah ok I didnt know it went that low today. I do remember it snowing in Lancaster and Palmdale several times when I lived out there. That's a little higher up though
  12. I get what your saying but LA has mountains at 10k elevation. You can see snow on mountains from the beach on clear days in the winter. Assuming LA = Los Angeles.
  13. Snowing like crazy in waxhaw. Big flakes.