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  1. Super Bowl Sunday Storm 2/4-5

    Looking forward to a drought ending cold rain here. I hope the HRRR is right and the warm nose is minimal. Not much to follow for our neck of the woods and ZR is just a pain.
  2. 2018 Banter Thread

    The Swedish Model looks great!
  3. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Anyone know if ICON has bufkit source?
  4. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Measured an average of 11" this morning at 8:30. Looks like those extra bands gave us a few more inches after 8 p.m. last night. Thanks to my neighbor with his tractor for scraping our gravel road down to a few inches. 2 miles north of Chatham County Line off Smith Level Rd. Be safe in the morning if you have to drive anywhere round here and congrats to all who got the snow they wished for.
  5. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    9" average here about 2 miles north of Chatham County line on Smith Level Rd. Snow has stopped.
  6. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    party on the snow pad at 2:12 in the a.m.!!
  7. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    And mine too! Bizarre.*
  8. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    My phone radar says it is snowing a bit north of Pensacola, FL now. I sure hope some sticks so we can have snow on the ground in all 50 states for the books!
  9. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    tilted in a way that feeds moisture there. That is a good thing if you like snow in NC. Still 1-2 upstate SC. Kuchera ratios for your upstate SC are around 10-12:1 on pivotal Nam 3K at 10 a.m..
  10. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    http://nickelblock.com/?p=1061 good explanation for dendritic growth zone.
  11. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    18z EST standard time = 1 p.m. https://www.ready.noaa.gov/READYtime.php
  12. January Observations

    With this cold spell I have seen a few people walking out onto ice covered ponds. Rule of thumb is to always break the ice near any flow area and measure. If it is not thicker than 4" there, don't even think about it. https://www.wikihow.com/Know-When-Ice-is-Safe - Ice covered ponds are very dangerous and folks need to be reminded.
  13. January 3-4 Storm Thread part II

    Massive low. Best wishes for everyone living near the east coast. Please stay safe.
  14. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    been a lurker for a long time. I am very excited to watch this massive low off the coast. I understand the dynamics of RH and column flow thanks to everyone here and MBY doesn't really matter to me. I appreciate the information and education this forum provides. Thanks guys. CR please keep your snow shield activated as you wish.
  15. January 3-4 Storm Thread part II

    When you deactivate your snow shield .