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  1. So, according to this long-term 'trend', we can expect it to take 30 years to return to 5.9 - 5.7" median? Unless that conveyer of salt water in the Atlantic gets too fresh of course... Models seem to agree. JK - positive thoughts... Counting on March and April.
  2. 1.5 to 2" accumulated sleet/snow. Currently light snizzle coming down.
  3. Light snow mixed with sleet started 10 minutes ago. South Orange county, NC.
  4. 2 miles sw of Carrboro NC - snowed for about 30 seconds at 6:30 and it has been light sleet ever since. No freezing rain/rain. I was able to sweep a small porch and 3 steps in 5 minutes!
  5. Sorry, first time posting on the phone. Operative words "may be". Sorta the same as "dry slot." 29 F right now here. Enjoy your wintery stuff.
  6. I'll take that 4" and raise you 2". Nice southern trend with a bit of a slow down that appears to bomb out before the coastal northward path. Time to buy some firewood and water before the lines get crossed.
  7. 3 miles south of Carrboro - started as rain/snow, now it is all snow but mostly melting on contact. Medium rates.
  8. 2 miles south of Carrboro (Chapel Hill) - 7.5" with light glaze on top. Some pine tree limbs down and we're not going anywhere today.
  9. I will credit them with advising people to get out this afternoon to prepare for the storm. Some folks only get their weather info from the TV. I know a few of them.
  10. I'd go buy a lottery ticket (or two) also....
  11. Down for the count. Sweet dreams.
  12. ditto. Yes they won.. this time.
  13. 1/2" means I can get to the grocery store for food when I'm over 60 at most any time of the day. 3" does not. Public Safety. (edit) need to alert caregivers to care for their folks.. Not try to affirm a questionable model.
  14. Agreed. But I still think the forecaster's role is to warn reasonably rather than to deny and placate the naysayers. Safety first.