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  1. Yep.
  2. 60's to 34 2M degree wet snow in 24 hours, yep, seen it once before here in my half centennial plus a few.
  3. As JoshM embedded NAM 3K above - best guess at reality for now
  4. Even 25% of 10:1 in April is something rare, I think that's the point. Plus, the great thing is that April/late March snows in this neck of the woods are almost always here today and gone tomorrow. BTW - Canadian came South, GFS went North on the 12 Z.
  5. Euro - GFS - Canadian - sanity check this Next Sunday...
  6. Silly man. It will snow way up there where no one is... And we will be amazed. Happy face.
  7. Big sleet chunks mixed with snow started at 2:45 - now it is all snow with silver dollar sized flakes mixed in. 2 miles north of chatham county off Smith Level Rd. Chapel Hill.
  8. Looking forward to a drought ending cold rain here. I hope the HRRR is right and the warm nose is minimal. Not much to follow for our neck of the woods and ZR is just a pain.
  9. The Swedish Model looks great!
  10. Measured an average of 11" this morning at 8:30. Looks like those extra bands gave us a few more inches after 8 p.m. last night. Thanks to my neighbor with his tractor for scraping our gravel road down to a few inches. 2 miles north of Chatham County Line off Smith Level Rd. Be safe in the morning if you have to drive anywhere round here and congrats to all who got the snow they wished for.
  11. 9" average here about 2 miles north of Chatham County line on Smith Level Rd. Snow has stopped.
  12. party on the snow pad at 2:12 in the a.m.!!