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  1. all snow in Stanfield!! 35 degrees...
  2. I can hear sleet mixed in with the rain in Stanfield...
  3. I’m hearing sleet mixed in with the rain here in Stanfield NC...
  4. snowed for 10 minutes in uptown Charlotte!
  5. i saw sleet driving into downtown charlotte. only for a few minutes but there it was. car read 40 degrees.
  6. a friend of a friend posted this cloud pic from OBX this past weekend. hope you can see it here.. looks amazing!!??
  7. Beautiful big flake snow in Stanfield east of Charlotte. Nice to see some flakes. we had freezing rain yesterday. Hope it lasts a while...
  8. This video is incredible. Storm chasers drive into Mexico Beach. watch til the end they encounter the storm surge and have to abandon their Suburban. amazing to see the hurricane in real time at landfall.
  9. What a crazy storm. With this lower track, what kind of rain totals are we looking at? I’m east of Charlotte....
  10. Had a TS with hail in Stanfield NC. Hadn’t seen hail in several years...
  11. light flurries in Stanfield NC .. what a nice surprise !!
  12. sleeting now in Stanfield east if Charlotte!
  13. sitting at 30 degrees with heavy rain in Stanfield NC east of charlotte. they just posted winter weather advisory until noon. it was 36 at 7am. nothing accumulating as far as i can see.
  14. my sister in Chapel Hill cashed in with 11 inches. We had 5 inches here in Stanfield. Chapel Hill pic...