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  1. Liking the look at 144. Better hp I'm place and the low ain't getting squashed.
  2. Was looking at the same thing. The 6z and 0z were nearly identical. Guess the new data is positive?
  3. The next frame has a changeover with heavy snow in the Upstate Mack, then it departs. I guess that would be our quick 2 inches
  4. I'm just off Hwy 14 on Adams Mill and my office is in Five Forks. My flat metal roof flexed really hard at the office. Never experienced that before.
  5. 3.13" of rain since around 10pm last night according to my weather station.
  6. Yessir. Strong high pressure shunts the low south and gives the western Carolinas a good thump.Please verify....
  7. Yeah like a few have said I will trade a great Pacific for a great Atlantic for future winters outcome.
  8. The PNA ridge looks to be a little more pronounced at 138 than the 6z run on the 12z.
  9. It'll have to track SE through Cuba to get the cold air here!
  10. He also said that he's forecasting a rain event right now and the southeastern track that the storm would take to give the western Carolinas snow is an outlier.
  11. A second on that.
  12. Yeah it's faster in about a day.
  13. It's what Cold Rain just alluded to. With a persistent +NAO, we have nothing to keep the high pressure from scooting out into the Atlantic.
  14. Yeah I did too. For the upstate the overrunning events with a weak low pressure moving west to east always seem to do well for us.
  15. The Euro will probably cut into Nashville for next week. Lol