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  1. the triangle is the Raleigh, Durham, chapel hill, apex area. Wake, Durham, Orange counties. and it is in central north Carolina
  2. in Cary, NC as well and i have 6-7 inches of snow right now.
  3. from central NC should i worry about this, haven't been paying attention to the models at all
  4. CMC showing a whole lot of rain to the triangle region and south/southeast
  5. according to weather channel on television they now have Raleigh area at 7 inches of rain from this storm compared to the 1-3 earlier today
  6. who knows it could climb back up north to the triangle
  7. what can we expect in cary i see the models show a little bit on rain but the news will then say only 2-3 inches i have no idea what to do
  8. looks like here in wake county will get 2 inches of rain and maybe a max gust of 30 mph according to should i expect this or no
  9. on GFS i am seeing at least 6 inches for east of Charlotte
  10. rainfall of 10 inches plus and winds 50mph plus still an outcome here in the triangle area? or should i expect strong thunderstorm numbers.
  11. New to weather, so what could the triangle see from this storm. Could we see hurricane force winds or tropical force winds? Wind?