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  1. Really can’t draw it better than the 18z run.
  2. Big wet flakes mixing in with the sleet just north of Simpsonville 36/35
  3. The CPC links are running slow this morning so maybe somethings up
  4. Thought I'd screenshot this before it disappears tomorrow:
  5. Remember last winter when all those late model runs showed the western ridge with the Greenland block that never verified.
  6. Exactly. Outside the last two December’s, this December is giving us what we typically see this month. I’d rather see a synoptical setup come to fruition the first of the year when, climatogically speaking, is the best time to happen here.
  7. Exactly, the weeklies have been crap all winter and I for sure have no faith in what they're showing now.
  8. The GFS looks god awful but at the end of the Euro it looks better up in Greenland.
  9. He really knows his stuff. The PAC Jet mention going into February doesn’t sound too promising.
  10. Thought it did too. Curious what the FV3 shows. Evidently it’s irrelevant from what I’ve read until the energy gets through the dumpster fire of the Pacific(Rex Block).
  11. Yep. Rinse and repeat every winter.
  12. I think many on here need to take a break or need another hobby. In the grand scheme of things it’s weather, it’s not a life crisis. I love it as much as anyone but keep it in perspective.
  13. Completely agree Mack. That cold won’t scour away like the 18z is showing.
  14. I’m in the Five Forks area and I’m pretty comparable. 37.8/36.2
  15. I know you can’t show it but can you describe it.
  16. Still curious about the first few days of December. The models are pretty consistent with a storm coming out of the gulf with the active southern branch. With the blocking retrograding you would hope the high pressure would be more stubborn then just scouring NE out to sea.
  17. When that really does happen it hurts the most.
  18. We haven’t seen the effects of a -NAO to our weather in so long, I will have no idea what to expect lol