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  1. I just got back from Ft. Wayne on a job interview. It seemed like a pretty nice city although some areas looked run down. It definitely looked nicer than Richmond though.
  2. I am not a big fan of sunsets after 9pm. I'm glad the days are starting to get shorter now.
  3. I really shouldnt complain about the clouds and rain. I'm actually enjoying the cool, cloudy weather today. It beats 90 with high humidity.
  4. I have a hard time believing Indianapolis averages more sun than Seattle in June and July, especially since Seattle is further north and has more daylight.
  5. Is there any time of year where sunshine dominates in the midwest? Seems like winter, spring, and summer is primarily cloudy and rainy. Maybe fall ? I'm convinced that the midwest is even cloudier than the Pacific northwest.
  6. Decreasing clouds today. Increasing clouds tonight. That sums up the weather here lately.
  7. Ive noticed with almost every system the severe weather threat seems to be greater to the south. So im curious as to what month is the best month for severe weather in the southern midwest ? Would it be May?
  8. Is there a lot of melting going on in the Chicago area ?
  9. Snow has fallen on 73 days and only 30" to show for it ? What a horrible climate you live in.
  10. Is there any sign of an early spring or is winter just going to drag on forever ?
  11. With meteorological spring being 2 hours away, i think the title needs to be changed to "Lets Talk Spring" !!
  12. I just measured very close to 1.5". Not bad considering that even right as the "storm" started there was only a 40% chance of snow.
  13. I just measured about 1". Where did this come from ?
  14. It really doesnt make sense why this subforum is so big. Why not divide it into 2 regions?
  15. How can you sleep when this very possibly could be the last decent snow until next winter ?
  16. Are there ever 2 straight days of full sunshine in the winter ? Even the days that are forecast to be sunny usually end up being cloudy.
  17. There are some crazy people who prefer -15 over 55. Its 60 here and I'm loving it ! Hope it doesnt get colder than 15 the rest of the season !
  18. A solid 4" here along the OH/IN border.
  19. Is it just me or does it seem like its more likely to have large negative departures than large positive departures in winter ? ORD was -40 yesterday but i couldnt ever imagine them being +40.
  20. This may sound like a silly question but what is ORD ? Sounds like Orlando to me !
  21. Snow followed by warmth is right up my alley. I feel like im in GA again. Honestly I prefer snow followed by warmth. The best of both worlds. Now i have 2 things to look forward to
  22. I guess I am the only one looking forward to the warmer weather.
  23. I almost get the feeling that some people are rooting for it get as cold as possible next week. I don't really understand that logic but whatever.
  24. Snowing here along the OH/IN border west of Dayton.