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  1. Heres a few pics i took on Anemone trail and Red Rocks and in downtown Boulder this weekend.
  2. wow can't imagine that. I suddenly realized when i was hiking up that mountain at sunrise Monday morning that I was concerned about an avalanche. that was a first for me and it was a little unsettling. But then i got past that and started to worry about mountain lions as i was the only one out there at that time. I do have a question, when they got 98 inches, what was the GFS showing prior to that, 300 inches? ;-)
  3. meant to say, if money, and vacation days were no object, I could have pretty easily got in on 3ft of snow with just some slight plan modifications.
  4. i road tripped to Boulder this weekend. Justified it with a cheap flight with free hotel (points) so very inexpensive, "theoretically" less than driving to Beech mountain and staying in a hotel/condo/house there. Had some changes of plans, so it was a bit more expensive than planned, but, well thats a different story. Also, got stuck there and had to stay an extra day and come back on Tuesday instead of Monday because airport and bus/train transit was shut down Monday. But actually glad now i can say i got snowed in with a record snowstorm in Colorado. Got about 20 inches in Boulder. Ironically I think DIA that i initially flew into got 27 inches ;-). I hiked up into the Flatirons the last day and walked in snow up to my knees so that was cool. In town, even though about 20 inches fell, the ground measurement was probably 1.5 ft max in some places due to compaction and melting, as temps were borderline the first two days. I would say this is the most snow i've ever seen, save a couple of times up at Beech where the wind blowing so hard couldn't tell how much snow by looking at the ground. Good thing about this storm was there was just about zero wind, at least in Boulder, the whole time. It was picture postcard stuff and comfortable. In hindsight, especially if you are going all out to see the biggest snow, I should have gone into Denver like I did on Friday, ahead of the storm, just got one night, and then based on short term trends, had the ability to change plans and go to Cheyene, or wherever, but all in all I felt it was about the best I could do to wind up in Boulder. I wound up being in the same hotel as the Weather Channel crew, and Jim, Producer Steve, and Chris the cameraman were all very nice and i spoke to them several times over the course of 3 days. They let me film behind the scenes and asked if i wanted to follow them when they changed locations. it was very cool. Even talked to Charles Peek and found out he later went on into Cheyene. I made several cameo appearances during their broadcast hits playing "random dude that just "happened" to be walking down the street behind Jim on camera". Some observations: I posted in the mountain west forum a few times and I was really surprised by the small amount of activity there especially with a possible historic snowstorm coming in. It was a laid back forum like this one, but i didn't feel the love that I get in this forum even though i'm sort of a lurker / outsider, but i did at least get a few likes, so that was good. I would say there was about 10% of the analysis of an upcoming storm than i am used to here. To a person, everyone who got off one of the local buses would thank the driver as they disembarked, I thought that was cool. They are serious about masks out there. I wasn't trying to be a rebel, just forgot a few times and i would get sternly reminded especially in restaurants and in the post office where i mailed back extra boots and clothing cause i was tired of carting everything around going in between cities and airport. I'll try to post some pics later if anyone is interested and i can figure out how.
  5. Thanks for that. I road tripped from Georgia to Boulder for this so I’d call 20 inches a success. Had a blast in your town
  6. Hello here from the southeast. Tim, and I flew in here from ga on Friday. In Boulder now . it started slow but it’s ripping now. Haves enjoyed the cool vibes here since fri.
  7. thats a good haul! i'm curious do you know how much SOCO gap got?
  8. I’m at neels gap and it’s snowing really hard hard ground is white
  9. i agree. Woody Gap is always money for me. i may wind up there myself this evening or tomorrow am, per my daughter. But i hate to go anywhere when there might be flakes at my own house. will be a lot less, but there's nothing like flakes imby.
  10. low of 52 degrees yesterday morning in N. Ga and i'm at 1500 elevation. I suspect you guys in low 40s? anybody see 30s?. I bet whatever it was it felt downright cold
  11. Pulling for you guys, Tyler, Met, Bucket, Moto, etc. This forum is where i come to extend my snow season. I am actually very happy with this winter as we got almost 6 inches where i am here in N GA, but its always fun to track April snow. I usually make one last trip up that way in April, but guess this year is a good one to stay home, so will be pulling for you and watching next week or so. I pray we are all spared bad wx Sunday.
  12. Half inch on the deck in Dahlonega
  13. I really don’t know how to act. I seem to be in the bullseye in Lumpkin county
  14. the two things i read pretty much every day are Ray's weather and this thread, since i have so many good memories of trips up the high country. I think i might be overthinking it, but sometimes i get confused by the geographic markers in his forecasts, such as the 1) western ridge toward the TN state line, 2) the blue ridge, and then 3) the blue ridge escarpment. My guess is if i'm trying to draw a map is that 1) is just what it says, like maybe for example soco gap up to beech mountain area, and 2) is right along the blue ridge parkway, and 3), is further south and east toward the SC line? If someone has a map that shows all 3 of these regions or lines i would appreciate it.
  15. darn ;-) . but i was asking for NC because we might be up that way Sunday morning. I had heard about a changeover Sat night, but hadn't heard about Sunday night, thought it was all out. But i'm guessing you're talking about NW Flow not really connected to whats going through now. Based on this we might hang around Sunday night after we get our Christmas Tree.
  16. I made the weather channel. Crazy storm came through Isle of Palms Thursday and I took a video of umbrellas bouncing down the beach. All in all I'd say they lost about 50 umbrellas just along the stretch where we were staying. At the end of the storm, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. Below is a screenshot of the video. IMG_8995.HEIC
  17. forgot to give a shoutout. among all the things i looked at (including looking at radar, other posts, and actually trying to look at the HRRR on an iphone se) this is the post I saw when i was making the decision to head up the mountain to Highlands or just continue up 441 and go to Maggie Valley.
  18. Wound up at 5400 at the entrance to Mile High Campground just off the Blue Ridge Parkway above Maggie Valley, and measured 4 inches of snow in one spot Saturday around 6pm. And i think it snowed another inch or so that night (based on what we saw at Soco Gap on Sunday) but can't vouch for that. All i can say is I was in light to mostly moderate to sometimes heavy snow from about 10am until after 8pm Saturday. it was amazing the difference in a couple hundred feet of elevation. While heavy ground (grass/tree) covering snow at 5400, almost nothing at 5000 (at least Sat during the day). Also learned a good lesson. Always bring sleeping bags, etc, even when its April 20 and you think you just might just chase to Highlands or something, because plans may change, and you may find yourself locked behind the gate at Soco gap above Maggie Valley on the Blue Ridge Parkway at 5000 feet in the dark at 8:30 with snow pouring. Also, pay attention to mile markers so you can tell someone exactly where you are if you have to call someone. I won't go into all the details, but we made it down, and I am thankful to whoever was in the silver Tundra? that showed us a back way off the parkway. What's odd is that when we went back Sunday, there was an additional gate that was closed that was not closed Saturday night. if that second gate had been closed i guess we may have had to camp overnight in the truck! My daughter actually enjoyed the excitement, so that was good, and it actually was a rush, but I'm just glad i didn't learn this lesson in say January or Feb!
  19. Pouring snow plott balsam overlook on blue ridge parkway
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