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  1. Speak for yourself! We’re under our 4th warning of the evening in Burke.
  2. Every winter this thread reminds me how much I miss living in the higher elevations. Congrats to everyone with snow on the ground this morning! Not gonna lie though - I hit 16 this morning and warmer days fishing and hiking are calling my name now.
  3. Out of curiosity - where does everyone stand on the season for snowfall totals at the moment?
  4. Could be another good score for the mountains and down east if the gfs evolution is true. For the western piedmont and foothills, I wouldn’t hold our breath. I’ve seen that surface output for enough years to know it’s cloudy day/sprinkles scenario.
  5. A tale older than time for those of us just east of escarpment lol
  6. 30.9 with light rain. Everything elevated is coated! Sidewalks are also slick. Never underestimate CAD….
  7. For what it’s worth, can anyone recall snow on the beach 3 weekends in a row? It’d be wild if we trend that way.
  8. I have a tiny amount of ice/snow from the Jan 16th event left on my back porch. Ya know the saying.
  9. Hard pass. Hope that high scoots out even faster and it’s cold rain.
  10. Not a complaint but it is incredible how downsloping can overcome dynamics so easily.
  11. Enjoy it boys! 35.6 here in eastern Burke with light rain. Downsloping wins again lol.
  12. 35.8 at my place in eastern Burke and still seeing all rain… yikes!
  13. Man it is DARK here. Like summertime thunderstorm dark but nothing falling other than sprinkles yet.
  14. The ultimate sweet spot is is certainly Madison/Mayodan to Eden and reidsville to Danville. Almost no mixing in most events and can truly score on any opportunity.
  15. As a lifetime foothills resident, we rarely get nickel and dimes lol. Downsloping kills almost any single opportunity that’s not a Miller A. We can score on Miller B’s but even then, the dreaded dry slot can show up. edit: there’s also another non-talked about foothills “pain” element. We watch areas 10 miles (or less) to our west score on 10+ snowfall events a year with NWF
  16. Probably one of those scenarios where you wouldn’t want to be in Morganton or Lenoir but you may be in business in say, Taylorsville, Hickory or Lincolnton.
  17. Didn’t translate to big totals but holy smokes that’s the look we’re going for
  18. And just like that. The NAM gives us the look we were waiting for.
  19. I don’t think people realize how close we are to having this fall into our lap. A couple more ticks in the track and setup, and we’re cruising into a major storm.
  20. Much better look! Now if that low would just keep coming NW
  21. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. It ain’t dead until the RGEM says it’s dead.
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