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  1. It’s just dependent on where you’re at. A lot needs to change to bring some of us into the game. Raleigh area, yea I’d agree. Not too much needs to trend better to at least get a few inches.
  2. No hope is lost until the RGEM has a say so
  3. It’s really too early to say. At the moment, sure, but we’re 4 days out and a slight tick here or a slight tick there can mean a foot in the west or a foot in the east. The fact that a large area of the southeast gets love from the ensembles shows the lack of consistency right now. Atlanta to DC and all in-between are in play.
  4. Going out with a bang before the milder pattern!
  5. Selfishly im rooting for an early phase but if y’all pull off a historic storm right after this weekend, I’ll be cheering strongly for everyone down east.
  6. I hope so. Too early to give up hope but it’s been looking I-95 ish the last few days. on the flip, I highly doubt something so amped stays so far out to sea. If it comes in as strong as some ensembles show, it’s going to hug the coast, if not go inland a bit.
  7. It’s so so close. We really need that ridge to not be squarely parked over the Rockies.
  8. A track right over eastern NC would favor us big time. I was honestly shocked the run only dropped 7-10 inches here. A 970 low west of the OBX would be a mixed bag all the way to Burlington.
  9. 30/20 in eastern Burke with the cloud deck steadily lowering
  10. Radar returns in Georgia and Alabama look very very interesting for us.
  11. Well. It feels like a snow day outside. I’ve got a weird feeling we may be in for a surprise.
  12. Shoot at those temps, it might be more like 3 edit: this was helpful https://www.omnicalculator.com/other/rain-to-snow
  13. Crazy to see these trends and it makes you wonder, how much further can it go? If we trend any more positively, suddenly we have an impactful storm tomorrow. also shout out to @Hvwardwho called this days ago when everyone was jumping off the wagon.
  14. We need to speak the 0z NAM from two days ago into existence
  15. That’s exactly what I needed to hear and the jolt I needed this morning. Thank you sir!
  16. I do believe I hear a fat lady warming up her voice. I’ll hang on for one more suite but I think the writing is on the wall with this one. @Hvwardyou’re going to have to give us some hope today!
  17. The GFS was a solid step in the right direction
  18. It’ll be hilarious if the globals now come in ultra suppressed
  19. Luckily it’ll take less QPF than normal, even outside the mountains to produce a big one. edit: I’d love to see the NAM with 15:1 ratios factored in
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