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  1. The low looks better than many hurricanes through the years
  2. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol. My second favorite time of year weather-wise is afternoon thunderstorm season. So I’m a tad bummed that the pattern won’t be so supportive. On the bright side - trout season is here to stay.
  3. Ain’t gonna lie… I’m a big fan of seasons and I know many will rejoice with the heat being delayed but the 10-14 day outlook… ouch.
  4. Guess I ain’t taking the boat out Monday lol. Saw rumblings that we may be repeating this type of event next weekend…. Sheesh.
  5. Sizeable shift north from just one run ago. We may not be done. Wouldn’t be the first time a high hit the road too early to lock in a storm
  6. That’s a beauty! I know that fight was fun.
  7. I’ve been on a bass binge of late. When I discovered the thrill of catching smallmouth on a fly, it changed my summers. We could definitely use some water though - I wouldn’t mind hitting a blue line for brookies soon.
  8. Kinda hope it keeps trending that way a bit. The way I see it, right now the weekend is a wash 3/3 days, but if we could slow this thing down a bit, we might could salvage a Saturday in the 70s before clouds and rain takeover.
  9. Be neat if we could get a snow event to lock in as much as a rain event this far out
  10. The windshield wiper effect probably isn’t done. Regardless of the tropical low, that upper low is going to make any outdoor holiday weekend plans toast.
  11. Quite the spread. I don’t have access to the 6z euro and Canadian, but all 3 are wildly different. The Canadian has a wedge on Friday but absolutely zero storm anywhere close to us this weekend - it advertises glorious weather into next week. selfishly rooting for that solution but I know we need some rain.
  12. All Memorial Day weekend long nonetheless
  13. Since I the violated the terms of service, I’m going to bring up the other elephant: THOSE WARM GROUND TEMPS!!
  14. No sooner did I say it, I started seeing countless videos and reports of people reacting to the chemical smells and yellow rain falling in the north east and mid Atlantic. I certainly was never going to trust the company responsible for the disaster to confirm that it’s safe lol.
  15. I’m rooting for all of you high elevation folks to score on some NWF with these intermittent cold shots but I’m not even going to lie. This whole winter has felt kinda gross (couldn’t be the 15 inches of rain). In the foothills and flatlands, I hope it’s full throttle to spring.
  16. I kinda figured this may happen. It would’ve been too nice for the ridge to do ridge things when people would actually want it to.
  17. I tend to agree. Just wanted to see if anyone felt differently. I will say, I don’t think anyone in that area is getting 1% of the accurate story. I suspect the federal government will see a lot of medical claims in court in a decade.
  18. I know this is an out there sort of comment but is anyone mildly concerned the snowfall in the mountains tonight is toxic?
  19. If the ridge is going to pump next week let it pump is all I can say! At this juncture, I’d rather see it trend stronger and shunt the storm track well north. All of this rain we’ve had can kick rocks.
  20. I went ahead and threw another round of fertilizer on the lawn yesterday in preparation for the weeks ahead.
  21. The part that makes me sick is that if I went back in time to a week ago and sent everyone that imagery, we’d all expect to be counting snowfall in feet right now. 9 times out of 10, that setup is cash money for this end of NC. I wouldn’t have pictured cold air being completely non-existent on this entire side of the continent in the middle of Feb.
  22. For what it’s worth, the euro nailed the Cumberland plateau snowfall this morning and the 06z run was absolutely bullish, even into the foothills.
  23. Agreed! Very ready to hit the blue line creeks with my fly rod in tote and my wading shorts on instead of waders.
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