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  1. You know as well as I do that winter always arrives in April
  2. No need for me to pile on but there’s not much to see here. The cold pattern looks seasonal at best and seasonal isn’t going to get it done. Not to be doom and gloom but I said a few weeks ago we would all have to adjust our expectations with climate change and here we are. Winter conditions are going to be increasingly unlikely outside of the mts and that’s just our reality. When we do get snow (and we will), enjoy the hell out of it because you’ll never know how long it’ll be until the next round.
  3. The pacific pattern of the past few years will certainly be one worth studying
  4. Wild how the GFS knows exactly where I-85 is
  5. That sort of evolution has worked on many times before. Christmas 2009 or was it 2010? Comes to mind. Two separate waves delivering the goods to different areas.
  6. Fwiw that looked like a very strong overrunning signal for a few frames and I wouldn’t anticipate a global to sniff that out at 180 hrs
  7. Ssssssshhhhhhhhewwwww that was an inch from crashing this forum.
  8. My rule of thumb has always been that when March Madness tips off mid-month with conference tournaments, it’s over. The fat lady will have sung her song. Honestly excited for spring - this has been a wet and miserable winter with a lot of sickness and won’t be mad if we’re torching in 3 weeks.
  9. That mid-Feb 2003 storm was nuts. I’ve never seen sleet accumulate like that in my life. It was a crust that stuck around for days and it made for the best sledding.
  10. Nope! At a minimum it’s a sign that they’re on board for recognizing the ripe potential in front of us.
  11. Presidents Day just continues to look interesting. It feels like if we’re going to have a window, it’s that window.
  12. I’ll shut up for years if I net almost 20 inches
  13. Not gonna lie. I selfishly loved the Euro depiction: a sustained trip through the cold phases for one last crack at winter weather but then progressing firmly to the warm side of things as spring creeps in. As much as I love snow odds, I’ll always die on the hill that cold springs suck.
  14. One thing is clear. The PNA is going to cooperate. There’s probably no single teleconnection more important than that. I love how tall that ridge becomes too. It should at least give the northern energy more opportunities to dig and mingle with the pieces of energy coming out of the Baja area.
  15. I’m always torn on hoping for this or not hoping for this. Too much of a push encourages suppression but perhaps it could work out well as we move away from prime climo.
  16. If anyone buys the OP GFS outside of 72 hrs, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Murphy I could sell ya
  17. The platform objectively sucks. I think the discussion is likely better since some of the greats of this forum moved over there but that user experience is like going from an iPhone 15 to a Motorola Razor
  18. That was admittedly a fun run. One of those classic storms where if it’s coming down hard, it’s paste, if it’s not, it’s drizzle. The pattern change seems to be firm at this point but I do wish we could just see a better signal for an anchoring high over the top. That run had a moderately strong high over the high plains but that’s not typically going to cut it. Of course, too early to parse details about the threat at this point but at least the signal has been there for days.
  19. First, welcome. second, you gon’ learn.
  20. Gotta hang in there. Only a few more weeks before we’re hearing about how awesome it is that we’re pushing that hot summer heat back!
  21. Oh don’t worry, it’ll happen on a 5 day a week basis April-May
  22. One day this group will get to rage again
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