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  1. There is still a benefit, your electric bill will be a bit lower.
  2. Low of 67 this morning, been awhile since we have seen the low drop into the 60's.
  3. Ended up with .43" for the day. Currently at 3.85" for the month. Nice refreshing 70/69 out there at 9pm.
  4. Nice severe warned storm over us right now. Heavy rain with winds in the 20 to 30 mph range. Temp has dropped to 73/71. .40" so far.
  5. .81" this morning in mby. 3.42" for the month.
  6. At 9am this morning we had a temp of 80 with a dew point of 78. Felt absolutely miserable out and it got worse. Had a brief shower before noon that dropped .03" and the dew point shot up to 81 where it stayed as the temp climbed to 89. So sultry out there today. At 9 pm it was still 81/77. Watching the storms to our north to see if they make it down this far.
  7. I am feeling much better today. My shoulder is still sore if I try to raise it but no more body aches but still a bit tired. I cut the front yard today and had to stop 3 times to catch my breath.
  8. My wife and I just got our second Moderna shot yesterday. It hit me hard last night around 10pm. Started with my shoulder and eventually my whole body was aching badly. I hardly slept last night. Can only lift my arm about half way right now and the body aches have subsided somewhat. Feeling pretty crappy though. My wife only has a bit of soreness in her shoulder.
  9. It's behind a paywall. How much of the country and how much above average?
  10. Picked up .04" today from a brief shower. High was 81 when the sun came out briefly late this afternoon.
  11. I had Spectrum mail my extra cable box to me and then had them come out and fix it when it wouldn't work. I refuse to drive the 45 minutes to their store and wait for the next available teller.
  12. Unbelievable temps for this late in July. Currently cloudy and 76/74 at 11:15 am. No rain today but we have had some heavy drizzle occasionally.
  13. Had about a 2 hour soaker this evening picking up an additional .25". That gives me exactly 1" even for the day.
  14. Finally got a good rain this morning. Picked up .75" giving me a monthly total of 2.27"
  15. Biggest rains fell just to my west. MBY only received .16" today. I am now at 1.52" for the month.
  16. Big storm just to my west. Lots of dark clouds and thunder but no rain as of yet. Outflow from it has cooled us down to 84.
  17. Not even some dark clouds for me today. Tomorrow I have a 60% chance and 70% Monday. Grass is cut, fingers crossed!
  18. Not sure about promoting them but I do believe they help to fuel them and make them stronger.
  19. Had a storm blow up just to my north. Got nothing at all from it. Hot and humid today as usual.
  20. Picked up .06" from the edge of a good storm. Closer to town got a lot more.
  21. My stepdaughter lives in the bullseye for totality, unfortunately that is in Watertown NY. Still haven't decided if we are going there or not for it.
  22. Picked up .23" in a surprised storm early yesterday afternoon, nothing today, just warm and muggy as always this time of the year.
  23. Ended up with .47" yesterday. Today it is very warm and very humid. 87/79.
  24. Picked up .39" from a late evening severe warned storm. Storm fell apart right before it hit us but luckily still managed a decent rain out of it.
  25. You are doing much better than me. I am at .60" for the month. A far cry from last month.
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