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  1. Tornado reported on the ground by spotters in New Bern 15 miles from me.
  2. Low of 65, high of 87. Dew points stayed in the high 60's most of the day. No rain.
  3. I think it is time to start this thread as the GFS has been showing a storm in the gulf for a few days now at the 8 to 10 day range.
  4. Picked up another .31" overnight. Hope to get more this afternoon.
  5. Picked up .51" of much need rainfall this morning in several rounds of rain. Even had some thunder. Temp is slowly climbing as the sun has come out. Currently 75/67.
  6. Well, this cool cloudy weather was great while it lasted. 5 solid days of 50's, 60's, and 1 day of low 70's were perfect and just what we needed. Looks like 80 tomorrow then climbing to the mid to upper 80's for the next 7 days. Hopefully we get some much-needed rain in the next few days. Low of 58, high of 72 yesterday. Had some heavy drizzle yesterday morning totaling .19".
  7. Low of 53, high of 66. Absolutely loving this weather. Peak wind gust at 22 mph.
  8. Low if 53, high of 66. Peak wind gust at 24 mph.
  9. After a low of 48, we ended up at 67 for a high as the sun came out. No rain.
  10. Had a high of 57 and picked up .02" in some heavy drizzle. Our peak wind gust was only 18 mph.
  11. Been sitting at 53 all morning and with the wind blowing, there is a definitely wind chill out there. Probably in the low to mid 40's.
  12. Picked up a measly .30" today. I guess that is better than nothing. That's .59" in the last 19 days.
  13. It has done the same to us but unfortunately it has been mostly light rain. Went from 75 to 64 and slowly dropping.
  14. Cool but humid day. Temp at 2:30 pm is 70/65.
  15. Warmest day yet this year. High of 89. Still no rain.
  16. Low of 66, high of 85 and dry. We need rain.
  17. New month, new stats. Post them here. Had a high of 84 after a low of 57. Starting off the month on the warm side.
  18. My stats for April: Highest temp: 87 Lowest temp: 39 Highest dew point: 66 Lowest dew point: 28 Rainfall: 3.05"
  19. Low of 52, late afternoon high of 76.
  20. Agreed. Late April in the mid 60's for an afternoon high.
  21. Warmest day of the year so far. We hit 87. Storms have finally moved thru and cooled us off. At 65 right now. Picked up .29" with light rain still falling.
  22. Hit 85.5 today which is the highest we have been this year. Tomorrow is supposed to be another mid 80's kind of day before the big cool-off.
  23. Warm day today. Hit 85 after a low of 57.
  24. Low of 51, high of 83. Dew points still decent but creeping upward. Dew Point stayed around 60 most of the day,
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