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  1. Cool cloudy day here. Currently 63/61 at 1:15 PM.
  2. There is 24 letters in the Greek Alphabet. I highly doubt that will happen.
  3. Looks like rain is over. We ended up at 1.56" for the day.
  4. First rain in almost 2 weeks. 1.44" so far today and it is still raining at a good steady rate. Currently 68/67 and raining.
  5. High of 82, low of 63. Hope to get some much needed rain tomorrow.
  6. High of 80, low of 67 and still very dry.
  7. Our little mini summer heat wave continues. Currently 82/72 and very dry.
  8. Warm and humid today. Currently 75/71. 2 PM and we have soared up to 80/73.
  9. The big warm up begins. Currently 74/66.
  10. I have seen frost on rooftops at 40 before so I don't doubt it.
  11. Low of only 52. Breeze kept us from bottoming out. Currently just after high noon it is 70/63 and sunny.
  12. Low of 52. Currently breezy and 62/47.
  13. Front has finally come thru and both temp and dew point are dropping. At 72/68 after about 15 minutes after the rain and wind arrived. Had a high of 82 earlier before a light shower came thru at around 2pm. Ended up with only .08" with the frontal passage. This puts me at 1.02" for the month. Paltry compared to the last few months.
  14. Warm and humid. Currently 76/73 at 11 AM. Waiting on the cold front to pass.
  15. Started this morning at 54 and topped out at 80. Currently 77/69.
  16. Beautiful day out today. Dew Points are down amid sunny skies. Currently at 12:40 pm it is 69/55.
  17. Another warm and humid day here. Currently 75/70. Can't wait for the big cooldown this weekend.
  18. Very muggy out there. Currently 80/77 just before high noon. Picked up .20" this evening.
  19. That is quit a difference.
  20. Been cloudy with off and on rain today. Picked up .45" so far. Currently 71/69.
  21. Had a high today of 81 with .01" in light rain this morning. Currently 71/68.
  22. Cooler than yesterday. Currently 74/62
  23. Another warm October day here. Currently just after high noon it is 77/64.
  24. It has been like that all season. They didn't catch how strong Laura would get until the last minute. Same with Sally and Isaias.