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  1. What a change today. Cloudy, cool, and breezy. 57 at 12:30 pm. Wind chill probably dropped temp down to the mid to upper 40's.
  2. Low 60, high 72. The next 3 days are supposed to be much cooler.
  3. Highest temp: 91 Lowest temp: 47 Rainfall: 8.46"
  4. Looks like we are ending the day with 3.98" and our storm total is at 4.17". Temp right now is the highest of the day at 76.
  5. I am up to 3.89" for the day and 4.08" total. We are now in the warm sector as the temp and dew point has has gone up to 74/74.
  6. I have picked up 3.23" so far with winds probably in the 20 to 30 mph range. Lost power early this morning but it came back on after a few hours. Right now, it is still raining, and the sun is out. Temp at 68.
  7. Woke up before 6am and our power was out. It came back on at 6:03 and the back out again at 6:30 for about 5 minutes. It is on right now. Heavy rain right now. Winds gusting up to maybe 25 mph at times. 1.32" in the bucket. Temp at 66.
  8. Light rain has finally started here just to the SE of New Bern. Winds have been breezy all day but probably no more than 20 mph. Temp stayed around 68 all day. Down to 66 now.
  9. Low of 57 and with the northeast breeze, it definitely felt chillier. Currently 71/50.
  10. Chilly 47 this morning. Felt great. House cooled down to 69. High was 74. Another fantastic day.
  11. Low of 58 this morning. Breezy and cool out there right now. Feels absolutely wonderful. Currently 64/46.
  12. Picked up a good .45" from the front passage this evening. Temp slowly falling thru the 70's. At 72 at 10:30 pm
  13. That is some strong shear over it.
  14. Had a high of 89 today. Down to 84 now. Waiting on the broken line of storms to hit and cool us off.
  15. Had a high of 88, after a low of 68. Looking forward to Friday. Predicted high of 71 will feel awesome.
  16. 10 days with no rain here. Another hot and humid day in store for us.
  17. High of 85, low of 67. Dew point soared into the low 70's today.
  18. Low of 59 this morning. First time in the 50's since June 20.
  19. Same here. Low of 64 this morning. Currently just after noon it is 77/65. Humidity still in the mid 60's here. Feels much better than it has been though.
  20. Another warm and humid day here. Currently 83/75. Cannot wait for that cold front coming thru.
  21. My biggest maple has been showing colors and shedding leaves for the past few weeks. I am also thinking it must be all the rain we had the last few months.
  22. One year ago, we had lows in the 50's and highs near 80 with low humidity. Hope we could get a strong cold front soon.
  23. The high humidity certainly paid off in thunderstorms earlier this afternoon. 1.72" was dumped in the bucket. Sun is back out and with that, temp and dew point are going back up. Currently 77/76.
  24. Ughhh. Ultra humid here this morning. Just before noon it is currently 86/80 for a HI of 101. Hoping this leads to some cooling storms this afternoon..
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