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  1. Picked up 1.01" yesterday and .21" this morning. This gives me a week total of 2.18". Another cloudy damp day today. Breezy and 45 just after noon. Dew point is finally dropping. Currently at 35.
  2. I've been in 2. One in January 1996 and one in early March back in 1980. I generally give up on snow for the coast on March 1. I give up on freezes May 1.
  3. Cold rain here too. Picked up .65" so far. Woke up to 36 and now just after 1 pm it is only 38 and heavy drizzle.
  4. .04" so far today. Temp dropped from 50 at 8 am to 43 just after noon. Cloudy, damp, and chilly today. Third cloudy day in a row.
  5. Picked up .03" today. Remained cloudy, damp, and cool all day. Low of 52, high of 57. Predicted high was 66.
  6. Picked up .91" so far today. This puts me at 4.65" for the month.
  7. Low of 32, high of 70 and windy. Have picked up .43" so far today.
  8. LOL, 144" of snow. We would be snowed in until April.
  9. My grass is already growing in patches. I hate mowing.
  10. Ended up with 1.98" yesterday. Now for the 2 day dry out before Wednesday's predicted rains.
  11. Sitting at 1.53" for the day with more to come. Been raining since sunup.
  12. Yep, a dream run for most of NC and SC. Thus, it won't happen.
  13. After a high of 72 yesterday, we have already hit 70 and it's not even noon. Had a low of 48 today.
  14. Low of 26, high of 58. Looks to be our last 20's for a while.
  15. Cold walk this morning. Low of 30 with the wind chill in the low 20's easily.
  16. .88" overnight. High yesterday was 74. Much cooler today. 59 just after noon.
  17. Low of 29 here. Heavy frost.
  18. Low of 31, high of 57. First night below freezing this month
  19. Chilly low of 34 and a high of 53. Typical winter day here.
  20. The warmth has finally broken. High today was 61 after a low of 40.
  21. High of 76 today, same as yesterday. Dew point soared up to 71 before the rains came and cooled it off. Picked up .32" this afternoon.
  22. Currently 75/63. Feels down right warm out there.
  23. New month, new year, post your obs here. Another warm day here. Just before noon and the temp is 68. Had a high today of 72 after a high of 73 yesterday. Unfortunately, we are looking at low 70's thru Wednesday. Where oh where did winter go?
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